Fl, AZ, TX, GA, all scrambling for more hospital space, ICU’s maxed out in many areas. Welcome to Republicans push to reopen

Now tRump is pushing for schools to open in this situation where deaths are increasing.   Hugs

Steve Benson Comic Strip for July 10, 2020

10 thoughts on “Fl, AZ, TX, GA, all scrambling for more hospital space, ICU’s maxed out in many areas. Welcome to Republicans push to reopen

  1. Amazing how much meaning you can put in so few words! I’m getting daily reports from the governor’s office here — made the mistake of posting some of it on Facebook and was thoroughly chastised by people who really have nothing positive to say, took time off from all social media, still pondering whether to post here or not since I want to just talk about fun stuff but even the face in the mirror isn’t helping that one now. It’s old and wrinkled with hair sticking out all around NOW it just stares back at me with worried eyes that are getting dimmer by the minute most days. Not much to smile about lately! I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog to “THE VOICE OF REASON!!!” but don’t think I’m strong enough now to speak out again. I’m old and getting very tired now Scottie. Wondering most of the time why I keep pulling myself up and going on. I want to go to sleep for a few months and wake up to find it’s over. I don’t think it has even reached mid ground though, so it would have to be a nap that beats Rip Van Winkle!


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    1. Hello Angela. I am sorry to hear that. You just need a bit of a break, something to distract you maybe. You are always welcome to comment here or not as you wish. Sadly these days I do not post much just for fun. My older stuff has some of that, but even then I was into trying to make things better. I still have the energy and will to fight / argue with the hope of changing minds. I like to say that facts are pesky things. Unlike Facebook I get very few trolls here. I have spent Saturday and Sunday in bed trying to recharge from Fridays snickerdoodles baking. I am feeling much better this afternoon. Maybe a bit more you time will help you feel better. Best wishes, be well. Hugs

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      1. Thanks Scottie. I had a nap yesterday and then posted one that had some humor in it after all. It was more griping than anything, but today I’m feeling better than i have for a long time. PT came this morning and we took my garbage out to the dumpster — my walking improving with each step. The reason for having to take it outside though wasn’t good. I made a casserole a couple of days ago and when taking it out of the fridge yesterday dropped it breaking the container open and spilling a lot of it on the floor. Not the first time that has happened to me but it never seems to happen when I’m feeling a burst of energy. Hit the pillow early last night and slept until 6 a.m. here, a first in a long time for me. It all came together after the long restful sleep.

        Snickerdoodles huh? I haven’t had those in a long time. I’ve been zesting and juicing lemons today, a few at a time to conserve energy, and plan on making lemon bars tonight. Have the butter out softening now and enough juice and zest to make them — just need a few sitting minutes to get rested enough to get in there and do it. I did make some ice cream yesterday (I think, might have been Saturday),

        It’s very hard to find something to laugh about now, but maybe I’m beginning to get some of the old sense of humor back after all these months. I can’t spend the rest of my life being sad and I’m the only one who can pull myself up. Having friends to encourage me helps and I count you as one of my dear friends. HUGS!

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        1. Hello Angela. You have me wanting to learn to make ice cream now. I think I asked you once, but do you use a machine? I have plenty of ice, but I will have to figure out the rest.

          Sorry to hear about the broken dish and the mess. I hate it when I drop stuff because the clean up is such a pain. I have a walker on wheels with a seat, and when I am really bad struggling to walk I use that to carry food. I can put stuff on the seat to carry to where I need it. It has worked out really well for me, maybe you could use it for your bad days?

          I am really glad you got some rest. We have to remember that as bad as things are 70 % of the country is trying to make our country a better more progressive place for everyone. So yes that causes pain right now but it is a hope for a better future. Be well. Hugs

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          1. Hi Scottie. Yes, I have an electric ice cream churn and use Junket tablets in the mixture. Just follow the tips for the Junket mostly but have found lately that it comes out best when I use the entire contents for each gallon of ice cream. I’ve made several flavors but mostly I prefer vanilla and that way can add toppings or put it in one of my favorites — root beer float! Not sure a fruit ice cream would taste very good in that. I have also used Tang powder to make orange sickle ice cream. Sorta came up with that recipe by trial and error but delicious.

            I’m using my sons walker, a basic one without the seat but have shoved an old oven rack down on top and use that for carrying most things. However my apartment is too small to turn around in with the walker so use a cane at home and haven’t figured out how to put a shelf on the cane yet. I’ll come up with something one of these days though. Necessity is the mother of invention, or so I’ve heard. I’ve made crochet hooks that are easy to grasp out of necessity so a shelf on a cane? Only a little bit more difficult

            Lotsa HUGS!

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            1. Hello Angela. I got my walker at a local drug store, the important things was it had wheels as I can not use the ones you have to lift up and move. I used craft store leather strapping to make loops attached to my canes that I could slip over my wrist so when I was shopping I could use both hands when I needed to and not drop my cane.
              Best wishes. Hugs

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            2. That’s the kind I had in the beginning but it was too hard to control and the brakes would slip at times. I gave it away eventually and walked by holding on to furniture –something I still do at times. This time I just borrowed Mike’s and hope he doesn’t need it while I’m using it. I have serious problems with my left shoulder, constant pain that ties me in knots at times, but since nothing ever touches the pain except hours in the hot shower with the water aimed on the shoulder, I’ve learned to live with all but the very worst of it. Hot showers are the best but if I stay there forever it would be difficult to distinguish me from a prune!

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    1. Hello Nan. It is really not so much tRump right now as it is the Republican governors and the ones in congress that all kowtow to him. DeSantis is killing us here in Florida and trying desperately to deny it just to please tRump and the rabid base. Hugs

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