Sewage And Stones

Hello Claytoonz. This sums up the tRump administration. Hugs

The Justice Department’s sole mission in the Trump era is to be the Department of Defending Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s sole mission as president is to help Donald Trump.



First off, if commuting the sentence for Trump friend, goon, henchman, pal, buddyboy, creeper, slimeball of the first degree, and all-around wart on the taint of humanity Roger Stone wasn’t corrupt, then it wouldn’t have been done late on a Friday night.

Why do fuckers do dastardly deeds on Fridays after 5:00 PM? Because it’s an attempt to limit the political damage as people aren’t paying as much attention to the news at that point. Even I, a news junkie, was eating a sub while watching “Ralph Breaks the Internet” when it came over my phone. Sons of bitches! I was already overloaded with three other subjects to choose from for my next cartoon.

I mean, I still haven’t done something on the Supreme Court and Trump’s taxes, his cognitive test, Goya, or the TikTok ban. Sheesh! I’m going to have to work throughout the weekend.

Donald Trump commuted Roger…

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3 thoughts on “Sewage And Stones

  1. kentuckyangel24 July 12, 2020 / 11:00

    Scottie if this wasn’t such a disaster on the part of all involved, esp the Turd!, I would be laughing. Maybe I should become buddies with the Turd so if I finally kill one of the idiots who defend him it could be considered justified homicide and he would make sure I never spent a night in jail. Of course, the only bright part of this is that the sentence was commuted, the jerk wasn’t pardoned!

    Many hugs to make up for my latest respite. Now if I could just get another respite from the MS……….

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    • Scottie July 13, 2020 / 15:52

      Hello Angela. I am sorry you are struggling so. I wish I could help. Do you take the shots? Pat in Switzerland takes shots for her MS. Best wishes. Hugs

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      • kentuckyangel24 July 13, 2020 / 16:59

        I’m allergic to so many of the drugs that I’m afraid to take the shots or anything new now. I too shots — or rather I injected myself with the earlier ones for several months until one night soon after the injection I had a heart attack. At that point I read the tiny, tiny print at the bottom of the insert and saw that one out of every 99,998 people who used that particular drug had heart problems. Now how is that for luck? Too bad I couldn’t have won a lottery or something with odds like that, but no — just a heart attack. What a joke! At least I beat the odds on that one, no problems since then and even stopped going to the cardiologist after a couple of years proved him wrong about my needing bypass surgery within a year after the attack. So now I take meds for my leg problems and one for my GERD, and life goes on — and on and on and on. Huge HUGS!

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