The Washington Post: DeVos pushes for school reopenings as states report record infections

The Florida governor was on the Sunday news shows saying this was all under control and the hospital capacity is fine, no problems. There is no way to spin this the Republican governors gave into tRump and opened way into too soon leading to a great death toll. Hug

DeVos pushes for school reopenings as states report record infections
Nine states in nearly every major region of the country reported record new single-day caseloads on Saturday.

Read in The Washington Post:

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18 thoughts on “The Washington Post: DeVos pushes for school reopenings as states report record infections

    1. Hello S.B. Thank you. We are doing the best we can, we don’t go out unless it is really necessary. We wear masks and gloves when out. Ron is no longer working in the hospital ICU’s which right now makes us very happy. You be well also. It is not a good time to be in the Republican controlled southern states. Hugs

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  1. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

    So long as I and my family are safe, why should I care about anyone else? Me, myself, and I –the mantra of Trump– has definitely infiltrated those around him.

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    1. Hello Nan. Devos is a true religious fanatic who is driven to do away with public schools. She single handily nearly destroyed the public school system in MI. She sunk tons of her family money into promoting charter schools to draw money away from public education at the same time running a constant media blitz on how bad public education was. She gave big donations to get state laws passed to support her goals. Once charter schools were in place it was a small step to them include religious schools. The thing about charter schools and religious schools is that neither are required to teach the accepted scientific curriculum. They are out side the mandated rules of public schools and they are now in force in all 50 states. This is a war on public education and the teaching of science and critical thinking. She is only one of the very wealthy religious people pushing this. It has been going on for at least 20 years and slick advertising and payments to the right politicians has promoted it. It has caused the dumbing down of the US to the point where we are behind almost every other country in education. The goal is to force all kids into religious run schools, and so those kids will be indoctrinated servants of God. But just Christian religious schools, not those heathen ungodly ones. And yes there is also a class motive as the wealthy want an obedient work force of believers, not workers that can think for themselves and stand up for their rights. It is an insidious attack on the US and it is happening in open view. Hugs

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    1. To me, it’s simply unfathomable to me that people in this administration are more devoted to their orange baboon than they are to ordinary people, or in this particular case, to children and teens who have a whole life ahead of them,

      Did their parents drop ALL of them on their heads when they were little?

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        1. I’ve been hesitant to bring this up, but it’s been apparent to me for quite some time that tRump has some sort of undeniable power over people, the way he holds sway over them without any real power. It’s diabolical and depraved and to me…….Demonistic. If you recall, he was involved with Epstein, and the acquisition of young, preferably virgin women who they then used for whatever nefarious purposes suited them at the time.

          Now, this may have included “virgin sacrifices,” for the purpose of summoning Demons and the like, and right about here is where you burst out laughing. But you have to ask the question, “Why?” Of course, young virgins have always been prized for their rarity, but if you can come up with a more rationalization as to why
          a.) He HAS such powers over everyone he comes into contact with, due to making “deals with the Devil,” and
          b.) He and his family, along with Pence and the “Inner Circle” have not contracted the Virus yet, despite numerous contacts with infected people. Got an explanation for that one? Esp since he’s claimed more than once, “I’m not gonna get it; that’s why I don’t wear a mask.”

          It sure as fuck AIN’T god’s benevolence that’s keeping him from catching it and dying…….unless it’s the same “underground deity” that installed him as Prez.

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            1. Hello Dennis. I don’t know about virgin sacrifice, but there is a creditable report of tRump raping a virgin 13 year old girl as she begged and pleaded with him to stop. It is reported he hit her and told her he could do anything he wanted ( already had the ego and narcissism ) and threatened her by reminding her of other girls that had been used and then disappeared.

              I have never understood the allure of virginity? It is a stupid concept and I see nothing valuable about it. It treats females like property because only their virginity is important, boys are expected to not be virgins. But if girls are told they must not have sex, and boys are told they should be having sex, just who are the boys having sex with? Hugs


          1. Hello Dennis. I do not think it is anything supernatural. It doesn’t need to be. tRump rules like a mob boss. He finds other people’s weaknesses and exploits them. He has the entire Russian military intelligence people trying to get as many secrets on people to give him as possible.
            So like any mob boss he blackmails them, or threats them using the base and SPTV.

            tRump is a notorious germaphobe. Plus with being president it is easy for him to isolate himself from the virus. He has repeatedly said everyone who comes near him is tested at least daily. He has staff to constantly clean and disinfect any areas he is in. He has the best resources in the world to protect him. Hugs


    2. Hello The Arm Chair Pontificator. I was listening to the news and two countries ( Israel and Sweden ) that open schools too early or did not close them, had a surge in school kids getting sick and dying. So the proof is that kids can catch it, spread it, and die from it. Devos kept saying kids need education, but that doesn’t require opening schools, so what is the real game here. Why did she keep repeating open the schools like a mantra? Hugs


  2. Hi, Scottie – It’s highly unlikely that the 2 villains can blackmail any schools into reopening, by withholding funding, but one thing they CAN attack are some colleges and universities tax-exempt status; they can’t just outright revoke it, but they can force each school to make a new claim for continuation of that status, and then deny that app, which revokes their status.

    So what I would like to see and hear is at least ONE Dean, perhaps accompanied by a large contingent of professors and admins, to stand up publicly and LOUDLY proclaim that NO amount of threats or blackmail IS WORTH ONE SINGLE STUDENT’S LIFE. And to continue by calling tRump’s demands the “Ultimate in Stupidity,” especially coming from a purported leader, and if that were followed by another college or university, and then another and another, pretty soon Dumpy will have to shut up.

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    1. Hello Dennis. Harvard which has a huge endowment and very wealthy alumni is suing the administration over the ICU ruling to send foreign students home if schools do all online learning. ICE first said they wouldn’t until the schools announced they wouldn’t open for in person schooling as tRump was demanding. So lets hope this gives tRump a bloody nose politically. Hugs


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