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July 13, 2020

ABC News: AP FACT CHECK: Trump team’s false comfort on schools, virus

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AP FACT CHECK: Trump team’s false comfort on schools, virus
President Donald Trump’s administration is providing misguided assurances on the safety of kids in schools in a coronavirus epidemic

Read in ABC News:

Shared from Apple News

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  1. Just saw this in one of my NY Times “news” emails — In Denmark, schools held spring classes on playgrounds, in public parks and even in the stands of the national soccer stadium.

    There have also been suggestions of closing streets and using them to hold classes.

    Of course, DeVos is so busy kissing her boss’s ass that she would never consider such innovative ideas!!!

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    Comment by Nan — July 13, 2020 @ 17:32

    • Hello Nan. I love those idea. Instead tRump wants to claim that keeping schools closed is just to hurt him. It is all to hurt him and has nothing to do with an illness he wants to pretend doesn’t exist. Nan one of the biggest problems we have in the US is the idea that only we have great ideas, only this country is able to come up with solutions. That everything done by other countries is bad and wrong. If our country had looked over seas to what other countries were doing that were working and what was not working we could have copied the good and avoided the bad. It would have helped us to have less death and keep the economy as best as possible. Other countries did things that helped their countries survive and protect their people. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — July 14, 2020 @ 07:10

      • Of course they did …

        But you forget that Trump is King of the World and nobody … I mean, NOBODY … knows how to do things better than him. Just LOOK at how well he’s handled so many things already … especially the virus! Wassamatta’ witchoo? You got your head in the sand or something? Sheesh!

        Dump Trump 2020!
        (My new signoff.)

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        Comment by Nan — July 14, 2020 @ 11:27

  2. DeVos looked like a pull-string doll from what I saw on Seth Myers’ clip from a few days ago, a bit of the CNN interview. She just kept staring with that plastic stare and starting everything with “kids have to get back to school” no matter what was asked before regarding changes that needed to be made and how the infected numbers keep going up and how schools are supposed to protect the kids and teachers.

    I tend to get paranoid about safety (usually the kind that prevents falling, slipping, and the like), but the federal government playing fast and loose like this makes me ill. And it makes me shudder to think that this is the party that loves de-regulating environmental and safety standards willy-nilly. I guess it’s not terribly surprising, especially with this “leadership”. Still, damned uncomfortable. I might just quit my job before the school year starts if they’re gonna go through with this crap. It’s tough enough seeing the tutoring kids wearing masks and sometimes not wearing them because they don’t wanna keep them on. How the hell is a classroom teacher gonna manage the same bunch of students all day and keep them masked and separated so they don’t transmit?

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    Comment by TheChattyIntrovert — July 15, 2020 @ 12:17

    • Hello The Chatty Introvert. I understand your concern, and please do not go back into a classroom if they have not provided everything need to make this safe. I was reading this morning that a mother took her child to daycare for a few days because her covid test was going to take 7 days to come back, she felt OK, and she was being forced to go to work. Now over 30 people are sick including 10 kids just from her one child. So yes kids can get sick, yes kids can die, and oh yes kids can spread it. One thing about the Devos interviews she kept saying that only .02% of kids might get sick, but that is over 14,000 children who could die. are those kids lives a good trade so tRump can say people are back to work and everything is like it was before? It won’t be like before for a long time in this country until everyone wears a mask when out and follows medical advice about testing and tracing. SPTV claimed other countries are opening their schools so we can, but other countries took the pain of staying in their homes until it was safe to open up, they did the testing and tracing needed, and they are opening slowly. The US couldn’t do the stay at home, we can not wear masks, and we are now having a surge of deaths. Everything we gained we lost due to tRump and his maga assholes. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — July 15, 2020 @ 15:04

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