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7 thoughts on “Masks help a lot, wear them

  1. Keith says:

    Scottie, I saw a funny comic strip. In essence, a faithful person refused to wear a mask saying God would take care of him. After getting the virus, he asked God why he forsook him. God said, I made sure you had masks, were asked to socially distance and wash your hands. What more could I do?


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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Keith. Yes a lot of people forget that if they accept the Christian god then they accept he created them as thinking reasoning beings, not autotomons to do only what others told them. In the churches today people are taught from childhood to obey the man / people in charge and not to think for themselves. Hugs


  2. I love that. That’s been my response to the whole “I believe, so I don’t have to wear masks.” thing. I wonder if believers on their COVID deathbed get this discussion with the bright light. Makes me shudder to think of what they believe about the other “believers” who ended up with COVID-19 anyway. It’s a double-edged sword without a straight answer. I get fed up so easily with the pretzel-like contortions believers go through to explain God’s will and belief as protection from harm.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello The Chatty Introvert. I watched a Republican Rep from Florida on CNN deny that masks help do anything to stop the spread of covid and argue that people shouldn’t be made to wear them. He totally claimed there was no proof masked help and then claimed that masks hurt many people, and they can not wear them. That is flat out a lie. There is no medical condition that a mask can interfere with your breathing, even if you are on oxygen. All the claims of masks being harmful are not coming from doctors, remember medical people have been wearing masks for ever and for days long. Hugs

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      1. If they have issues, the disposable ones like I wear to work are much thinner and easier to manipulate around your face if needed. The ones they complain about are the dark face huggers. Honestly, in the July heat and sun, why would you put a heavy BLACK mask over your nose and mouth? Why not a lighter color?

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        1. Nan says:

          Good question. But it’s probably because the black ones look more macho … !! 😄

          I wear hearing aids so the behind-the-ear elastic ones really don’t work for me. I bought 3 from a company on Etsy that are pleated cotton and tie in the back. They’re very comfortable and from what I’ve read, the pleats are a good idea. Actually, as I’m sure you know, the ONLY masks that are close to 100% effective are the N-95s — and essentially are unavailable except for healthcare workers.

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        2. Scottie says:

          Hello The Chatty Introvert. I agree. Ron brought home some of the ICU floor masks we both used on the ICU floors. But when we realized this was not going away and would continue we went on Amazon and ordered him some masks. I did not go out so we used him to test them. They came and they were worthless, so we tried again on Amazon. A different maker and manufacturer. The next set fit him great, he needs an XX large as he has a big head, yes let the jokes flow, but he is really smart also. I liked the masks so ordered a much smaller set in blue. I have a very small skull, in the military that was a problem. They fit well and look good. The fact is masks are now in all colors and styles. No one should be complaining. They are in such easy fit styles, and you can get the extenders that go around the back of the head so your ears are not bothered or the ones that simply have ties so you can tie them yourself. You are so correct, no one has a reason not to wear a mask to protect others than simply wanting to make / prove a point, the point is they don’t think other people are important enough to protect them by wearing a mask. Selfish self centered assholes. Hugs

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