Team Trump struggles to hide its indifference toward ethics laws

Team Trump is made up of people who are convinced that rules are intended for others, not themselves.

At a White House event last week, Goya CEO Robert Unanue said, “We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder.” This, not surprisingly, didn’t sit well with some Goya customers, who responded to the CEO’s comments by saying they’d take their business elsewhere.

The White House is now pushing back in the opposite direction.

Ivanka Trump tweeted support for Goya Foods on Tuesday after comments from the company’s top executive in support of President Donald Trump last week prompted calls to boycott the brand. “If it’s Goya, it has to be good,” the president’s daughter, who serves as a formal adviser to the president in the White House, tweeted late Tuesday in both English and Spanish along with a photo of her posing with can of black beans.

What the public saw, in effect, is a prominent White House official using her platform to do a commercial for a private company. If you’re thinking there must be federal ethics law prohibiting such an abuse, you’re right.

In fact, federal ethics laws are not ambiguous in areas like these: “An employee shall not use or permit the use of his Government position or title or any authority associated with his public office to endorse any product, service or enterprise … “

Last year, when Kellyanne Conway was pressed on her ethical transgressions, she told a reporter, “Blah, blah, blah.” The same week, a prominent HUD official — who used to be a Trump family wedding planner — acknowledged that some of her political rhetoric may run afoul of ethics rules, but she wrote on Facebook, “Either way, I honestly don’t care anymore.”

And that’s what makes Ivanka Trump’s latest gambit so notable: it’s not her endorsement of a product; it’s her and her colleagues’ indifference toward ethical limits.

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14 thoughts on “Team Trump struggles to hide its indifference toward ethics laws

  1. Scottie, having read about the president for years, ethical would not be a top of mind word to describe. Accountable, honest, empathetic, decent would also not be words that I would go to to define him.

    To me, it all starts to how he conducts business and himself. He has refused to pay more than hundreds of contractors, counter-suing some who raised issue. Many of these contractors (sheet rockers, painters, carpenters, plumbers, landscapers, etc.) went out of business or accepted cents on the dollar of payment. I knew this story before the election, but when I heard a contractor on a voter panel say on PBS Newshour “word on the street, when dealing with a Trump company, get your money upfront,” that spoke volumes.

    As for himself, he has sexually assaulted almost two dozen known women and bragged on more than a few occasions of his enabling power to do so. This is just one facet of his bullying and lying. He bullies people to get what he wants. The only way to stop him is to stand up to him with facts and thick skin.

    That is what his history tells us. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Yes very true. Anyone who really stands up to him he backs down from. tRump really is a scared little kid inside. He can not even personally fire anyone. Plus he really enjoys the bullying and demeaning he gets to do publicly to reporters and has gotten so use to and open about it that now he does it just for the fun. He really is deteriorating in front of us. However not one elected Republican should be able to get away with what they have done supporting him, they all need to have it as a millstone around their neck. His supporters need to be chased back into the shadows and the world they tried to build destroyed to never come back. Hugs

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        1. Hello The Chatty Introvert. I read an article today about how tRump has a lot of properties that never make a profit, and each year he dumps large amounts of money in them, but they do little improvements or add more business, yet every year he adds more money in to the business and it spends it all each year. But he doesn’t have the money that he is putting into these businesses, he had to borrow or other such things. Anyone looking at this would say it is a horrible business model that is good for only one thing … money laundering. tRump needs the presidency for both his personal need to feed his ego and narcissism, and his need to be immune from prosecution. Too many of his crimes have been exposed and he is wide open for legal trouble and criminal penalties. Only being president can stop that. Hugs

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            1. Hello The Chatty Introvert. Interesting. I m rather hoping our next president can not hit so many high notes so easily. We already had one child with sex issues in the oval office. Hugs


        2. And I think you are absolutely spot-on! Only this time it isn’t so much about losing money, it’s about losing face. It’s about having to again and again defend himself. It’s about going to the “bank” of his beloved RICH supporters to get more and more money to bolster his re-election efforts. It’s about having to face day-in and day-out that some of his dedicated “workers” are walking off the job.

          Dump Trump 2020!

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      1. Scottie, the wheels are coming off the wagon. Fauci’s response to Peter Navarro’s hatchet piece and Trump’s blame-someone-else-modus-operandi is dead on accurate. Fauci said let’s focus on the virus like the teacher would tell little Petey and Donnie cutting up in the back of the room like misbehaving boys.

        Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan called Trump on the carpet today, in no uncertain terms. When Republicans can start calling him on the carpet for obvious poor stewardship and malfeasance, then we are passed the tipping point. It is not like they have to look real hard for it. Keith

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        1. Hello Keith. Not so sure, but I would hope so. I just listened to a CNN clip where a Florida Republican Rep. argued masks were against the constitution, told lie after lie even when being corrected, and flat out claimed Florida had no problem, no medical crisis, no need to slow down, wanted a fully open no mask economy. Denying reality and spouting the tRump line. I live in Florida, I know he is wrong, but even when corrected by the CNN anchor he just blew her off, he had done what he wanted, he got the talking point out there on air. By the way the data on the Covid virus cases, deaths, and hospital status is already disappearing only one day into the new reporting system. I think this wagon has a lot of travel left on it friend. Hugs


  2. What, you all forgot she’s an UNPAID Prezinential Advisor, with no real, official title, or job description? It’s how they weasel around this, and other “ethical violations.”

    It is to laugh.

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    1. Hello Dennis. Yes so true. Did you see that Jared is now refusing to divest of a company he co-founded which is making over 30 million in profits from various foreign governments. He was to have divested from it, but now insists he won’t, yet keeps his security clearance he is not qualified for but given to him by tRump. Hugs


    1. Hello The Chatty Introvert. The US is run by a family crime syndicate and over it all is a mob boss want to be. All ruled over by a real mob boss named Putin. Hugs

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