With tRump all roads lead to Putin


14 thoughts on “With tRump all roads lead to Putin

  1. ESPECIALLY the situation with Russia paying to have American troops killed !!!!

    But of course, like everything else that’s “negative” as related to Trump — it’s all a HOAX!

    P.S. The fact that his supporters are so taken in by his rhetoric continues to boggle my mind!

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    1. Hello Nan. My mind also. I can not figure it out, I am sure smarter people than me have tried. The current violence magga people are willing to do over just being asked to wear a mask. Read today a man stabbed an elderly man and then drew the same knife on a cop just because he was asked to wear a mask. Yesterday a guy threatened a teenager at a fast food restaurant. Not wearing a mask is not patriotic, it is not saving the nation, and to pull these acts over it shows something really weird and bad is going on. One article said it is because the maga people see their way of life changing over the last couple decades and they think tRump is the only one to stop that change and return their world to what it was a couple decades ago. I don’t know but I am worried this afternoon. It was one thing to let kids be haunted by mass shooters and tell yourself it won’t happen here, but the covid virus is everywhere and it is spreading fast, red states are now over run, and the president is trying to convince all his people it simply doesn’t exist and will magically go away if they just pretend hard enough. And the Republican congress is terrified to oppose him. I am worried. Hugs

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      1. I am worried as well. What makes it so scary is that, essentially, people like us can’t do anything about what’s happening. Oh we can write posts … call our congresspeople … even write letters to our local newspaper. But when push comes to shove, we are forced to live by the inane and reckless and dangerous directives of you-know-who.

        Our county just had its first recorded death. The individual lived here but went to visit friends in Texas.

        We simply MUST … Dump Trump 2020!

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        1. Hello Nan. The deaths now are going to pile up. Did you see that tRump has demanded that all states report their numbers to HHS instead of the CDC. He is pissed the CDC was reporting the information as it is, and he wants his hand picked political appointees to change the numbers to his favor. It won’t work, here in florida hospitals are becoming as overloaded as NY in its worst time. No way to stop that from getting out. Hugs


          1. Yes, I noticed the reporting change … and immediately thought the same as you. He wants to be able to manipulate numbers in his favor. And once again, the deplorables will take his word for it and continue blustering that precautions are not necessary … it’s just a flu … “no one I know has gotten sick” … the death rate ratio is low … and so on and so on and so on.

            Dump Trump 2020!

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            1. Hello Nan. Just watching a MSNBC clip of Dr. Aileen Marty from Fl Intl. University, an infectious disease professor saying the covid virus has shown signs of mutating four or five times in Hong Kong and that spells trouble for a effective vaccine. We need more information not less as tRump wants. One TV host suspected the administration would now blame the high death rate on other things than covid like pneumonia and other ailments that covid causes as a way to confuse to suppress the real death numbers. Hugs


            2. I think Trump is running on a treadmill right now that just keeps going faster and faster … and no matter how hard he tries to get off, he can’t. He’s reaching out, trying to grab something –anything!– that will slow it down but nothing is working.

              I think it’s because the voices of those who have suffered and/or died from this virus are beginning to drown out his lies.

              Dump Trump 2020!

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            3. Oh Nan, I hope so. Sadly I think his Lt.s are willing to pick up the slack. Please see my reply to keith. I can give you both the CNN clip if you want. The smarmy young Republican thug knew he was wrong, but kept repeating the talking points, even when corrected he did not care, and made tRump very proud. It really pissed me off because he denied there was a crisis in Florida, denied the medical community is overwhelmed, denied the science, denied masks work, all the time saying we needed a full maskless open economy. Flat out plain tRump talking points with no care his own constituency were dying, he admitted they were. What is wrong with these smug tight lipped white Republican assholes. They are willing to destroy everything to keep and maintain their power. But what will they gain? Hugs


            4. Hello Nan. I was just making the first part of a new small white bread I am trying, mixing and stuff, and now reading your comment. What did the Georgia gov do now? Hugs


            5. Hello Nan. Ah thank you. The idea of asking people to do it but not mandating it is like suggesting speed limits but not enforcing them. Like suggesting age limits on buying alcohol but not requiring it. Like having laws / rules for or against anything but not requiring it. Just stupid. Yet there is the republican mind set. Hugs

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  2. Hi Scottie;
    I’m not one to be a conspiracy nut. I think I like Beau’s reminder that we should never attribute malice where stupidity is more likely. But, I keep thinking: If one were to list things that could weaken a country, then compare them to the actions of Trump, I really do believe it would nearly line up item for item.

    Which, of course, baffles me that others seem so in love with the piss-ant.


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    1. Hello Randy. I can not argue with you. I can not understand it either. But there must be investigations and charges for criminal actions this administration has done. They have moved money all over the place to suit themselves, many departments now do this ignoring congress completely. Hugs


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