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tRump and crew have openly declared that no rule / law applies to them. In 2018 the declared the House of Representatives was not a legal binding body to them. Any court that ruled against them they ignored and went to the SCOTUS. Now that court has ruled against them the tRump ruler has declared it has no authority over him either. We are a banana republic ruled by a tinpot dictator. Hugs

Despite Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration rejects new DACA applications
With officials still rejecting new DACA applications, President Trump is defying a Supreme Court ruling, experts say.

Read in Los Angeles Times:

Shared from Apple News

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4 thoughts on “Los Angeles Times: Despite Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration rejects new DACA applications

  1. Nan says:

    Is anyone surprised?

    What’s soooo frustrating is he KEEPS getting away with this stuff. Oh, there’s lots of accusations and hullabaloo about it, but the only thing that happens is the lawyers take over and drag everything out while he continues to do what he wants.

    Dump Trump 2020!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. Yes and it is because of the Republicans in the Senate that have protected him as they cower from him. We need to remember that and each one of them needs to be held responsible after we get rid if tRump.

      Then new laws have to be passed and new justices added to the courts to dilute the vast damage tRump and Moscow Mitch have done there. This situation with a near king disregarding all the laws of the land and using all the levers of government to protect their own criminal actions has to never be allowed to happen again.

      The weird thing is this is the very scenario all these gun nuts claim they needed their guns for , their second amendment rights to stand up to a fascist government. Yet instead of standing up against the tyrannical government they fall into lock step with it and promote it. All those people who fought everything Obama did and claimed it was a take over and Obama was not following the laws, they love that tRump is really taking over and not following the laws. We have a real problem in this country. Hugs

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      1. Nan says:

        We have a real problem in this country. That’s an understatement!!

        Re: the gun thing … it makes a person wonder why gun purchases have increased. The reason given in the past was because a “take-away-all-your-guns” Democrat was in office, but now … ????

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Nan. We have people being snatched off the streets by armed military gear wearing unidentified people using unmarked rented minivans with seemingly no legal authority. That is kidnapping. Think on it this way. We have heard a lot of times of people pretending to be police, and we have seen armed militia members claim to be using their sovereign authority to enforce their will by threats and violence. Who is to say that the next van of military dressed thugs grabbing a woman are federal officers and not a rape gang? If they refuse to identify themselves they could be sadistic murderers, or federal border patrol as some times that is the same. So I can understand why people might feel they need a firearm, but again here in either case it would get them killed but just a bit faster. Hugs

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