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Are we a full on banana republic tin pot dictatorship yet?   Has rule of law gone extinct in the US?   What gets me is how blatant tRump and the Republicans are being over these criminal acts, basically saying to their supporters we are above the laws if you are white, wealthy, a Republican supporter of the president.  Hugs

Trump To Get “Involved” In Case Against St. Louis Nuts

The Washington Post reports:

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said Tuesday that President Trump would be “getting involved” in the case of the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at a group of protesters passing outside their home last month, and who are under review for criminal charges. On Tuesday, both the president and Republican governor offered separate impassioned defenses of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who went viral after brandishing guns at protesters on the private street outside their mansion on June 28.

Parson, who said the couple had “every right to protect their property,” said he spoke with Trump just before the governor’s coronavirus news briefing. He said Trump made it clear he “doesn’t like what he sees and the way these people are being treated,” referencing the McCloskeys. He said Attorney General William P. Barr “was represented on the call,” and he thinks the president and the attorney general “are going to take a look” at the McCloskeys’ case.

As previously reported, the couple has a past history of brandishing guns and has sued almost everybody they know, including their neighbors, former employers, and family members. They’ve also tried to prevent gays from buying nearby homes.

As always I get lost in the comment section, some of these people are both smart and funny.  I start with the newest and work back until things start to repeat.    Hugs

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