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The state’s outbreak continues to surge as new data reveal children may be more impacted than previously thought.

Florida health officials have identified a troubling trend; approximately 31 percent, or one-third, of children in Florida tested for COVID-19 yield positive results, according to the Sun Sentinel.

State data indicates that out of 54,022 Florida children tested, 31.1 percent have returned positive results on average. This is higher than the statewide positivity rate, which reads in at about 11 percent.

Aside from the staggering figure indicating the transmission of the virus, health experts fear it can cause potential lifelong damage in children. Alina Alonso, the health department director of Palm Beach County, reportedly told county commissioners on Tuesday that the long-term consequences of coronavirus in children are unknown.

Alonso described X-rays that reveal damage caused to human lungs by the coronavirus, even for people without severe symptoms.

“They are seeing there is damage to the lungs in these asymptomatic children. … We don’t know how that is going to manifest a year from now or two years from now,” Alonso told reporters. “Is that child going to have chronic pulmonary problems or not?”

As much as these Republican governors want to push returning to before covid do please tRump and his fantasy it is the people including children who are getting sick and dying.  The wealthy, the powerful are not out in the public like they want to force the people, the workers to be.   More at the link above.     Hugs 

2 thoughts on “Almost one-third of Florida children tested are positive for the coronavirus

  1. Nan says:

    The wealthy, the powerful are not out in the public … Of course not! They let the help take care of everything while they lay by the pool and sip on their 100 year old booze. “Ta-ta, dahling! Let’s take a quick spin in our jet to take in some sights today. We’ll make sure we’re back in time to watch the news on Fox.”

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. You say it well. When Ron worked as a butler for one of the Koch brothers he commented to me all the man had to do was make money. Ron was required to have his coffee for him within minutes of Koch waking up. The man was unbothered by any normal activity the rest of us have. He did not cook or clean, he did not shop nor toil. He had people to schedule and do everything he desired. Think of what you could get done, could have done in your life if you never had to do anything but make money. Those people are so disconnected from the rest of the country they really see themselves as the owners of the country, as being the worth ones. They are the start of the prosperity gospel made real. All others not wealthy are unworthy, subhuman, not to be cared about. They don’t even see their staff as human, just tools. Hugs

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