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Back in February when the ICUs started to get Covid patients Ron and I talked about it.  Not a lot was know and the patients were very sick and trying to save them was a desperate struggle.   We instituted home procedures to try to prevent any contanimates from Ron treating these patients from coming home with him, these were above what they were doing at the hospital.  All the people in the ICU were doing these things to protect their families, they were seeing what this disease could do and how damn hard it was to treat.  

One of the things we decided was since Ron had to be exposed at work anyway and my health is so fragile he would do all out of the house stuff, we would do all the stay at home protocols, and I would only go out for the most necessary doctors visits.   

When Ron was furloughed and then forced to take the buyout, he continued to do everything outside the home, and I did not interact with the public.  But last week Ron got a call from his sister.   This is the year he would normally go up north to visit family as he does every two years.   He was going to skip this year when he got a panicked call from his sister.   One of his brothers was having on and off barely controlled GI bleeds.   They needed Ron’s help to understand and deal with the situation, so he had to go.  

Which leads to today.  I went out about 9:30 AM.   The very first store here in Florida with a surge of the Covid virus I found half the people not wearing masks.  I was stunned when one guy with no mask or gloves walked up to me while I was wearing both and started to talk to me.   I shock my head furiously at him trying to hold my temper as I understood he was trying to goad me into an argument.   This asshole was hanging around in grocery stores looking for people protecting themselves so he could argue and fight with them.  

I was nearly exhausted when I got home, barely able to stand upright and get the groceries in.   I got stuff in, put away, took some medications, and went to bed for three hours to rest.   Ron called me all upset I had to do that, but that is not the point I want to make.   Here in Florida with the government trying to hide the true stats, the real damage the virus is doing, the nearly overwhelmed hospitals, and raising deaths we have a bunch of assholes walking around unmasked, not gloved, wanting to get in the face of anyone they see wearing a mask.   I watched it today, they are not just unwilling to wear masks, they are on a mission to brag about it, to force themselves in others faces, to show their valor about being maskless.   This is why the virus is running uncontrolled in Florida and the US.   This is why our children can not go back to open in person schooling.  

I am making myself a meal of deep fried chicken strips and french fries and then I will answer comments.   It is a rainy and storming with patches of lighter skies this afternoon here, which matches the mood I was in when I was in the stores.   I do not get why people here have to be this way.   Be well, chat soon.   Hugs

9 thoughts on “Getting some strength back.

  1. Nan says:

    I do not get why people here have to be this way.

    I think you know that it isn’t just there, Scottie. There are imbeciles all over, in every state, that are so hypnotized by Trump’s idiocy that they have lost their ability to act like human beings. Instead they let their neanderthal instincts take over. They might as well start running around on all fours, grunting and drooling!

    What needs to happen (which probably never will) is for one of these imbeciles to (1) become infected with severe symptoms, or (2) experience the suffering of a close family member — and then be humble enough to let the world know how STUPID they were for refusing to wear a mask.

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    1. nealbirch says:

      Please, don’t disparage neanderthals like that! They took care of each other, we have archaeological evidence! These people are acting like republicans, plain and simple.

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      1. Scottie says:

        Hello Neal. Bad Republicans, bad! 😀😉😎 Hugs


      2. Nan says:

        You DO have a point, Neal. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

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  2. nealbirch says:

    In a florida costco (they will give you a mask if you forget yours) a man was harassing the clerk telling him that he needed to wear a mask to shop there. I’m 65, and look it, wear my mask, take the precautions, etc. I turned and asked him “Do you have a concealed carry permit? (for handguns, he looked the type, bigger than me, full beard, etc) He swung around to look at me, I said “Why do you carry a gun, to protect yourself and others?” Slight nod. I point to my mask. He put his mask on and I think I saw a smile in there. Maybe this was the first sensible argument he could relate to? I also loudly mock people who wear their masks incorrectly. I’m thinking of getting a whistle to blow and announce “YOU! Out of the gene pool!” but probably won’t.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Neal. Well done for finding a way to get the idea across to the man. Hopefully he will now spread the message, not the virus. Hugs

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    2. Nan says:

      I applaud 👏👏👏 you for what you said/did! Good job, Neal!!

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  3. Bill Ziegler says:

    Here in KY we were able to vote out one of the worst governors in the country, Matt Bevin, and replace him with the Democrat Andy Beshear. He mandated masks and the difference was night and day. May November 3rd be a rout!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Bill. I agree, and join your wish. It has to be or there won’t be much left. Hugs

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