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Outbreak Shuts Florida’s State Emergency Ops Center

The Washington Post reports:

The coronavirus thrashing Florida has penetrated the state’s emergency operations center, a clearinghouse for disaster-related information and a command center of sorts for the pandemic response. A new set of cases caused the center, located in Tallahassee, to shut down Thursday as staff shifted to remote work.

One official with knowledge of the events, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the evolving situation, said 13 people working at the center had tested positive for the novel coronavirus and that the office would be closed at least until Monday. Staff were in the process of clearing out essential equipment.

I would like to share one of the comments because it is true and needs to be said.  One of the big problems they had in the ICU’s that Ron worked in was the lack of specialty Rotoprone beds designed to tip the patient over face down safely.  There is more at the link above.  The comment was from HandyBear      Hugs


I just wanted to share some things for you…many of you have probably researched and know, but some may not and can share the info…but the first shows how intubation is for a respirator…the second shows new protocol for positioning pts with ARDS…that person is face down (PRONE position) for TWELVE HOURS A DAY and then rotate left, middle, right for the other 12 at 2 hour increments….you are sedated, but you may wake up from that sedation at any time, and you are perfectly aware of what is going on around you…so next time someone wants to tell you it’s a hoax…show them how they will be living if they survive the next two weeks….and then of course there is that residual heart and brain swelling….still no one knows if that is going to be permanent…synopsis…WEAR A FUCKING MASK AND PREVENT THIS!!! Not to mention the whole catheterization….


2 thoughts on “Outbreak Shuts Florida’s State Emergency Ops Center

  1. Nan says:

    Anyone that sees/reads this and has a lick of common sense would immediately know they DO NOT want to end up in the hospital as a result of COVID-19 and would instinctively see the value of wearing a mask.

    But of course, the “common sense” part doesn’t apply to some people …

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. I have seen the breaking of teeth during emergencies where intubation was required and had to be done as soon as possible. I have seen times when the throat had closed and it was impossible or nearly impossible to get a tube in. Intubation is not pleasant in any case, and in truth some people have trouble coming off a ventilator. Their lungs just won’t take back over or are two weak to sustain breathing on their own. There are long term hospitals set up just to try to wean people from ventilators. Hugs

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