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This is what passes as intelligence, reason, and being smart in the era of tRump.  How can this be happening.   I have read of a bunch of these Q believers running for office, and they are winning.   Their complete subservient fawning over tRump gets them votes.   They seem to be true believers in this crap.   These people vote.   Hugs

#QAnon Show: The Clintons Have Been Executed And Trump Will Show It On A WH Pay-Per-View Channel

“We know, of course, Hillary was hung by the neck on the 28th of March. I know Bill Clinton got a firing squad. A bullet in the back. He wouldn’t even face the firing squad, he’s too much of a coward, so he turned to face the wall and they shot him in the back.

“There’s gonna to be a White House channel that will be eight hours a day of tribunals. From what I’m being told currently – 1AM to 4AM – a pay-per-view.

“You’ll have to pay a dollar to get in and verify that you’re over 21 years old and that you understand the content is very graphic and disturbing and that you will be seeing death penalties being served.

“And it will go from 1AM to 4AM where you’ll gonna see things like Hillary being hung and Bill Clinton being shot.” – Gene Cosensei, speaking on the YouTube show of leading QAnon nutbag Amy Vandersteel.

More at the link above including the crazy video.   Hugs

6 thoughts on “#QAnon Show: The Clintons Have Been Executed And Trump Will Show It On A WH Pay-Per-View Channel

  1. bizarre how this is starting to look like that armageddon and rapture chick tract I used to read when I was a kid… but the Christians messed up. They’re supposed to be the outnumbered Christian victims of the new world order, not the persecutors in that story. Talk about a role reversal–now they’re gonna become the very thing they accused secular folks of trying to become all this time, getting rid of everyone who doesn’t think the way they do.

    Of course, if you’re a Dominionist, fair to say this was part of the game plan all along. But they supposedly hate any parallel description to sharia law, don’t they?


    1. this one, to be more precise. If you don’t mind terrible (funny) irreverence and bad language and word-bubble reading, that is. (from The Bible Reloaded channel with Armored Skeptic):

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      1. Scottie says:

        Hello Chatty Introvert. I have never cared for Armoured Skeptic. But I will take your word for the video. Hugs


        1. Too much naughty humor for my liking, but I like that they slammed this chick tract that always weirded me out. Actually ALL the chick tracts messed with my head. Probably why I’m no longer Christian if that’s what I took from it (shudder). I was raised on those stupid things.

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          1. Scottie says:

            Hello Chatty Introvert. I am sorry to hear that you were raised on then. I have heard Aron Ra and Seth Andrews talk of them. Nasty bigoted stuff. Hugs


    2. Scottie says:

      Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes the Christian dominionist complain about religious laws in other countries and they complain about religious governments in islamic countries. The thing is they never complain about religious laws in any country that favor Christianity. Seems it is wrong when other religions do it, but OK when they do it. Hugs

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