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4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about what Trump and Republicans know but won’t say in public….

  1. Keith says:

    Scottie, it disappoints me that a law enforcement union would support such a lawless president. The law is only a suggestion to Trump and has been throughout his life. I get tickled at dueling commercials that Trump is running – one says Biden is too tough on crime and the other says Biden will not be tough enough. Which is it? Keith

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    1. Keith says:

      Scottie, a minister in Raleigh named John Pavlovitz writes a thoughtful blog. Here is his latest post which speaks for itself. Keith

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      1. Scottie says:

        Hello Keith. I have read his stuff before. But his point is lost on Republicans. Any former Republican party members against tRump are already seeing the truth. The current Republican party members are in the cult of tRump. it is not the Republican party anymore, it is the cult of tRump party. Jordan, Nunes, Graham, the rest are all members of the cult of tRump. There is no reaching them. No way, they know what tRump is and they either don’t care or they like it. So for those former Republicans they need to form a new party, because their party is gone, and it will never come back. If it did it would only be a zombie decaying as it slowly shuffles away. Hugs

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    2. Scottie says:

      Hello Keith. The majority of police culture is the tough guy take no shit rule over everyone image. While not every police officer is bad the image they are all taught is the one I wrote above. The fact is the bad part of the police are fighting hard not to lose one bit of their privilege or power. So of course the police unions, especially the more corrupt ones, would be supportive of tRump. He gives them the authoritarian thug perspective they want. Did you read my recent reblog from Xena what happened to a 27 year old good police officer who reported a killing of an unarmed black man by other members of the force, yes he was the one who got in trouble and lost his job. The others got advancements. Hugs


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