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This is the USA tRump wants.   An authoritarian dictatorship where you have no rights and his thugs control the streets.  This is a blatant take over in the model of Egypt and Turkey.  Scary.   I second video the audio is bad but just watch how the cops attack a man on a bike for no reason, just because they can.    Hugs

Shady Federal Cops Round Up Protesters In Van


Oregon Governor To Trump’s Police Force: GET OUT

2 thoughts on “Unmarked federal ??? kidnaping people off the street. What justifcation, juristdiction, legal authority?

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    There are plans in effect, with the EO already signed, to send these goons to every major city – mostly Dem ones – whenever a protest occurs, in order to put them down quickly. What I want to see is at least ONE mayor – of LA, or Chicago, St Louis or Atlanta – stand up publicly and announce loudly that the local police forces stand ready to repel these illegal invasions; hiway patrol, stateys, and even the National Guard, if necessary, and that control over those Guardsmen will NOT be relinquished to the Feds for any such grandstanding Nazi tactics.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Dennis. I was just saying the same thing to Chatty Introvert. The Dear Leader is proud of this SS thugs. He has been pushing the proud boys to be his brownshirts for 4 years, he has deliberately created the most cruel border patrol he could make. This has been a long time in the making, and I wonder at the states rights crowd. Where will they land on this, with their Dear Leader the family crime boss, or with their originalism? I heard this morning that the Senate Republicans are up in arms over this. Of course the House Republicans are a lost cause. Hugs


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