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FL Sees 10K New Cases, Hospitals Beg Feds For Drugs

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Florida reported 10,328 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, along with 90 new resident deaths, according to the state health department’s latest update. In total, 337,569 people have been infected, including 4,368 non-residents.

5,002 people have died since the pandemic began, including 107 non-residents. Statewide, the latest positivity rate made available by the Florida Department of Health, for Friday, was 12.1%.

South Florida, home to 29% of Florida’s population, accounts for about 43% of cases with 144,202 total. That includes 5,061 new cases reported Saturday among Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

The Associated Press reports:

Florida hospitals said they are in desperate need of life-saving medication to help treat the coronavirus patients rapidly filling their beds as cases across the state continue to rise at alarming rates.

Florida hospitals met with White House officials last week, outlining the critical need for more remdesivir.

The treatment has been shown to reduce illness severity and mortality in some patients with COVID-19, said Crystal Stickle, interim president of Florida Hospital Associations, which represents over 200 hospitals.

The US government bought up most of the world’s supply of remdesivir.   For hospitals to get any they have to please the tRump administration follow the new non-reporting set up for cases, deaths, and hospital capacity to the super secret hide the fact HHS.   Oh and in trying to do this post I lost everything from my open tabs, computer shut down, had to reset the network adapters, wipe the history.    Going to be a long day.  Hugs

2 thoughts on “FL Sees 10K New Cases, Hospitals Beg Feds For Drugs

  1. Nan says:


    The first part was bad enough, but your closing? Yikes!!!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. Another day of over 10K cases, the Mayor of Hialeah Fl gave a TV plea for masks and curfews and other closing as the hospitals are in crisis and they are overwhelmed. Says his city needs help and the state is ignoring him. Hugs

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