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I have been worried about something like this happening for over a month now since the beginning of the protests in response to the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. That teams of Federal law enforcement, with the majority coming from the Bureau of Prisons Disturbance Response Units (they’re trained to go in one on top of each other into cells or areas of Federal prisons and use maximum force to achieve compliance) and C&BP’s equivalents of Rapid Response Units would be deployed to all the major urban areas, especially those with majority or plurality minority populations (African American, Latinx, or a combination of the two). Specifically, that they will be used in an increasingly visible manner over the next 100 days or so culminating in widespread visible use of them during early voting periods and on election day in or near voting precincts, as well as near mail in ballot drop boxes at municipal facilities. A program of voter suppression under color of law. While the mayors and governors of these states who are Democrats will push back, and the Democratic governors won’t allow their National Guard to be pulled into these operations, the states that have Republican governors aligned with the President like Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, etc, even if the cities being targeted have Democratic leadership (Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Cincinnati, etc), will play ball with the President, the Attorney General, and the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security.

The goal of such operations would be to increase the fear and stress levels in big cities with significant minority populations that overwhelmingly vote Democratic to depress turnout. Voter suppression under color of law. I expect that whatever executive order (EO) the President issues next week will be declaring some sort of national emergency regarding the degradation of law and order in US cities that authorizes the Attorney General and the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security to utilize Federal law enforcement to respond. For those not following it, as it did not get a lot of coverage, the President telegraphed the signing of such an executive order on Wednesday regarding restoring order while flanked by the Attorney General.

Fortunately local law enforcement in Richmond arrested the allege Klansmen who were impersonating law enforcement officers before anyone was hurt or killed. But it raises a real problem vis a vis what we are seeing with the Federal law enforcement operations in Portland: are you being scarfed up by real law enforcement in sterile uniforms or by the Klan or the Proud Boys or the III% militia or Ammon Bundy’s crew who are trying to overthrow the Republican governor of Idaho or any of a dozen other white supremacist, neo-NAZI, neo-fascist, militia, and/or patriot cosplay groups impersonating law enforcement in sterile uniforms?

Now that the Republican National Committee is out from under the Federal court imposed requirement not to use paid election monitors, I have long predicted that they would hire off duty law enforcement to work as election monitors while in uniform. While this is what got them in trouble to begin with in the 1980s and resulted in the Federal court order that was finally lifted last year, the RNC knows it works and paired with an escalating use of Federal law enforcement within urban areas between now and the election in November would go along way to suppressing the vote under the color of law.

There is a lot more important information at the link above.   I strongly suggest everyone go to the link above and read the article.   I was worried that bad actors would impersonate the police during this time when the federal agents are not identifying themselves and it seems the KKK and proud boys are already doing so.  How do we know any of these people are federal agents?   They could be Eric Price stormtroopers tRump is so enamored of.  Please go read the article.   Hugs

7 thoughts on “The Federal Police Operations Will Not Stay In Portland

  1. Nan says:

    To me, this comment from the write-up is one of the scariest:

    While people are right to be concerned about this being done in Portland in regard to that it is being done in Portland, the real concern needs to be whether this is a trial run for other cities in the run up to election day. The President is desperate.

    And this wrap-up is what needs to be done!

    Whether it is the Biden campaign, the various protect democracy groups, outside PACs and SuperPACs, the Democratic Party – they all need to be screaming about what is happening and what could happen. They need to be all over the political reporters, their editors, the bookers for the broadcast and cable shows about this.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. Today I have been reading / watching interviews with tRump and crew. They admit this unconstitutional federal force of 100’s of unnamed officers will be sent to “Dem” cities to supervise them. The alarms are being sounded that this will begin an attempt to interfere with voting in major democratic areas. Hugs


      1. Nan says:

        Scottie, sometimes I wonder how you can handle all this stuff! Seriously. I follow the news, of course, but not near to the degree that you do. I’m afraid if I did, I’d go into such a deep depressive state that I would crawl into bed and pull the covers up over my head and stay there!

        I admit that the stuff you share is, at times, almost overwhelming. When all we can do is read about what this Orange MONSTER is doing, it’s more than frustrating. Sure, we can turn things around in November, but that’s still a-ways off. PLUS, there’s that foreboding of what he’ll do from November to January.

        Sorry. Don’t mean to be a downer, but sometimes it just REALLY gets to me.

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Nan. I understand. This last week with reading / watching peopel sntached off the street really ate at me. You can see that was all I posted about that day.
          I keep saying the US now is like 1930’s Germany. It is like what is happening in authoritarian dictatorships all over the globe.

          Nan what I do is not for everyone. You know my past, you know that I have to keep my mind focused or it goes places in my past that I can not stand to remember. They are sometimes deeper under the surface than others, but keeping my mind focusing on an issue or story or news helps me keep those memories from coming into the front of my thoughts. Because even a stray thought of it can cascade. Earlier this week I was very tired and overwhelmed and those thoughts were returning. I was able to establish my mental shields before it got too far.

          My goal here on my toy box is not to depress or upset anyone, it is to offer the things I see during my day that I feel are important. Not all the things in my Toy box are for everyone. I use to post funny stuff, and other things not just on the serious situation we are in. However I think that this situation is so serious I am focusing on it. But I understand if people have to step away sometimes. I love Jeff but he says he gets too upset reading my blog now and has for the last couple years, and I understand. I wish him the best and never hold it against anyone who has to take a break from my place. I will understand if you also need a break. It is OK. I value you as a person, and your wellbeing is important.

          One last reason why tRump and his crew bother me so much. I follow world news also but don’t post on it much. These actions tRump is taking have been happening all around the world but they started sooner, and yes a lot of them pushed and financed by the same very wealthy people. Remember how I posted that Steve Bannon went around Europe forming these right wing hardline groups. They also bankrolled Brexit in the UK. Well four former democracies have fallen now to authoritarian dictatorships. People there said it couldn’t happen and it did. Egypt, Turkey, Hungry, and now Poland. Each time it is by the thinnest margin of votes until it is too late to stop. In each country secular laws were replace with religious rights and dictates as religions were given expanded powers in the government. I do not want the US to be the next one to fall. So I post. I can not demonstrate, I am poor and in bad health so most things are out for me, but I can read / watch and post. Be well. Hugs

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          1. Nan says:

            I DO understand. And really, you’re to be commended for what you do. You are FAR more knowledgeable about national and world events than most of us. And fortunately there are others like you. Bloggers that keep the rest of us informed and on our toes.

            We need people like you! It’s far too easy to get complacent and lazy.

            As for me, I will continue to read your posts. And comment when the spirit moves me. At the same time, there will be posts that I will just read and delete … and I know you’ll understand.

            STAY WELL, Scottie!

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            1. Scottie says:

              Hello Nan. Thank you. One other thing, why I watch clips of SPTV and other right wing media. It is because I think knowledge is power. The best way to know what the right is doing and saying is to listen to them, and then figure out how to counter them. By the way. I have been reading all of Heather Cox posts I have missed. She really has captured the nightmare of tRump sending paramilitary agents being sent around the country. Hugs


              1. Nan says:

                I can’t stomach SPTV for more than a few minutes … kudos to you for your fortitude.

                Heather is SUPER! She shares things, explains them, and then nails all the crap going on behind the scenes. What, to me, gives her added credibility is her knowledge and study of history. She’s able to show us this administration is essentially a duplicate (only worse) of past Republican leaderships. IOW, it’s nothing new. It’s just worse.

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