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3 thoughts on “Country in trouble

  1. Carmen says:

    Dear Scottie, my heart hurts to read this. All you fine people there, having to deal with this mess. 😦

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    1. Nan says:

      Our hearts also hurt, Carmen. 😟

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    2. Scottie says:

      Hello Carmen. Thank you. I am trying to follow up a tweet I just read that had a clip from SPTV that had HHS Secretary wolf claiming that now in Portland the federal troops are preemptively detaining people. WTF. That is no way legal. If true they are just rounding people up? Carmen the US is headed deeply into fascism and fast. I will try to find out. In the meanwhile I have spend this afternoon trying to get one of my medications which the state keeps on strict controls and the pharmacy told me today that they simply don’t have any. Maybe won’t have it for another week. Yesterday they told me I could pick it up today. I am screwed. After talking to me the pharmacist told me he agreed with me but it was going to be harder and harder for me to get my pain medications as politicians were making it hard for them to fill the prescriptions. Hugs


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