Secretary of State Unveils Christian Nationalist Agenda in Commission Report

Secretary of State Unveils Christian Nationalist Agenda in Commission Report

Yesterday, during an event at the National Constitution Center, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about a new report from the “Commission on Unalienable Rights,” a group he assembled in May of 2019.

That announcement was disturbing on its own because Pompeo spoke fondly of the country’s “founding principles of natural law and natural rights.” Natural. That’s a word conservatives have regularly used to block trans people from serving in the military, oppose marriage equality, and prevent women from controlling their own bodies.

In other words, Pompeo appeared to be using the government to advance a conservative Christian agenda.

His speech yesterday showed that prediction had unfortunately come true.

The draft report cites the traditions that formed the American spirit, including a form of Christianity that embraced “the beautiful Biblical teachings that every human being is imbued with dignity and bears responsibilities toward fellow human beings, because each is made in the image of God.”

It also references the “Biblical heritage” of the Founding Fathers.

There is more information at the link above.   The assault on our secular democracy is coming from all sides it seems.   People like Pompeo do not see the rights or needs of others, just the goal of pushing their god and making everyone follow the dictates of their religion.   Hugs

Author: Scottie

I am a 57 year old gay man who has been very lucky in life. Life is an adventure and I live it that way. I am in a long term married relationship with a wonderful man I adore. We are in our 30th year together.

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