Well? It is all about forcing the parents back into the workforce to serve the wealthy

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Author: Scottie

I am a 57 year old gay man who has been very lucky in life. Life is an adventure and I live it that way. I am in a long term married relationship with a wonderful man I adore. We are in our 30th year together.

9 thoughts on “Well? It is all about forcing the parents back into the workforce to serve the wealthy”

    1. Hello Nan. It is shocking the double talk when it comes to something that benefits tRump or Republicans and something that is good for others that tRump doesn’t want. Yet his cult can not seem to remember what he said just minutes ago to compare what he is saying currently. Also when he finally wore a mask his people had to tweet at him how manly he looked and how impressive he was. What is this a four year old with his hair combed who tied his own shoes? Hugs

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  1. Thing is, most daycares were never closed, to begin with. They had guidelines to follow, but daycare has been there, in most places. So, parents who retained jobs and had to go out of the house to them were able to do that. Meanwhile, putting the kids back in school isn’t going to mean that parents who haven’t been working are going to be able to just show up at jobs; they have to have jobs at which to show up.
    It’s like we used to say about the W administration: they just think we are stupid.

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    1. Hello Ali. I think I you are equating daycare of preschool age children with school age kids and after school programs that working parents used as child care services while they were at work. A parent of a 7 year old who is not in school can not go to work for 9 hours a day leaving the child at home alone. The push for opening schools has been linked to the push to get people to return to jobs, most of them low income jobs.

      People working for a higher income has other options, but poor people, or those working for a lower income wage can only depend on family if possible or unlicensed home child care which is again dangerous in this time of spreading virus. Most lower income workers struggle to afford any kind of alternative childcare and depend on schools and after school programs to take the largest share of the burden. Hugs

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      1. Hi, Scottie! Well, at least around here, older kids go to daycares after school, and over school breaks, too. I am a Latchkey (after school) STEAM tutor (a lead one, even!) though it’s likely I’ll have to cut my hours back if the after school program comes back when school does reopen. I’m a bit over 60, and though healthy, am vulnerable due to age (my care provider has a “COVID-19 talk” she gives her over-60 healthy patients, and I got one. sigh) Anyway, my main thing was, if parents aren’t working, it’s more likely because their jobs aren’t there than that they didn’t have care for their kiddoes. This admin acts like the public schools are some magic elixir for “bringing back the economy.” Excuses, excuses.

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        1. Hello Ali. Thank you for being a tutor. Young people are are future and the public education system has been under attack for decades. But please be safe. I am reading studies that are showing the virus being spread by children, more so the older they get. I agree with you the jobs in most fields just are not there, and the jobs opening up are dangerous as you have to mix with people in close quarters. For an example here in Florida the jobs are in the medical field dealing with the people sick with the covid. Places like restaurants and bars opened forcing their workers back to duty to only now be closing again, leaving the workers without a wage and without unemployment. They have lost out both ways. But the people in government see US, the workers are expendable if it keeps the money flowing. Like the Dune movies, the money must flow. Again please be safe. Hugs

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          1. No worries, Scottie! The most I’m going to do is substitute; that would reduce my exposure chances to maybe a couple-3 days a month. I really don’t see the schools taking the chance of opening the after school programs; no one is discussing funding the nurses and supplies it will take to open schools under any sensible guidelines, so there goes the after school program money. I am fortunate that I do that work because I like it; I usually plow my pay into supplies so we can do cool stuff. And, you’re welcome, by the way; I get at least as much out of it as the kiddoes do! But, my doctor made her point, so did you, and it is well-taken by me! In news only slightly related to this, we have a foster doggy who I have high hopes of adopting soon. Our 20 yo dachsie passed on Easter Monday-it’s OK! Our foster is so sweet, 8 years old, and it’s as if she’s lived here all her life. All’s well that ends well, and now I have a living focus, since the job’s pretty well out the window.

            I hope things are going well, or at least decently, by you, and that you two are also staying healthy. Hugs and sweet terrier kisses from Corky (I won’t tell the kitties if you don’t.)

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            1. Hello Ali. I am sorry for your loss and very happy you opened your home to a new friend. I wish more people would adopt the older ones. Send me pictures if you like. All is well here thanks. Hugs

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