Kharkovchanka” – The Colossal Soviet Antarctic Cruisers

I often tell people I love learning, and two of the things I enjoy learning about are science and history.    Here is a video that contains both.   I often wonder if people who see me mostly post on political stuff realize I do spend my time also trying to keep educating my self.  It is hard in the climate today.   Especially when there is such a push by well funded groups to destroy or distort history and science also to minimize it.   Today on one “educational program” I found my self yelling at the monitor as it was nothing more than propaganda, a total reworking of history to form a basis for religion to be inserted into every part of the founding of the US.   I was so frustrated.   But this is what is being push and what people are seeing.   Today you can find “facts” to support any view you prefer and getting the real true information is hard.   Imagine if you were a teenager trying to learn today and you get all these authoritarian historians telling you god set up the US personally, or that slavery was benign and genial way to bring ignorant savages into an educated civilized world?  Or that the US is and always has been the best country who does everything right and stands against all the other bad countries in the world?   So this is why I post and fight as I do.   Facts matter, reality matters.   <blockquote>

“You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

Daniel Patrick Moynihan </blockquote>

Here is an interesting video on history, the South Arctic, and design.    I hope you enjoy it.   Hugs

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