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The Christian Right’s Power Over Homeschooling Has Created All Kinds of Problems

In a piece for NBC News, Katherine Stewart explains how the “politicized and unregulated” world of homeschooling is a hotbed of unchecked abuse.

In some states, it’s even worse. Stewart notes that in Oklahoma, parents who homeschool don’t have to do anything to show their kids are being educated. It’s theoretically possible for them to keep their kids illiterate and simply put them to work without any consequences.

She concludes with what ought to be a non-controversial statement:

Parents have rights, but I believe children have rights, too — to an environment free from exploitation and neglect, to a meaningful education and to a chance to make a positive contribution to the world.

This is one of the fears of the pandemic. Kids are unable to go to school because of all the safety concerns, their parents decide keeping them home and educating them that way is the best option, and the end result is a new set of problems exacerbated by the Christian Right.

More information at the link above.   Hugs

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