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Texas reached another grim milestone Sunday when it surpassed 5,000 deaths from the new coronavirus. In doing so, the state reported 1,000 deaths in six days, four days faster than it took to hit that total the previous time.

According to state health data released Sunday, 5,038 people in Texashad died from the virus. That’s 153 more deaths than the day before and 1,080 more than a week ago. Public health experts have said that reported totals are likely to be an undercount because not all people who died with coronavirus symptoms were tested.

Since July 20, when Texas passed 4,000 deaths, some Rio Grande Valley counties have seen significant increases in the number of people dying from COVID-19. That part of the state— among the hardest-hit parts of Texas — has a larger share of Hispanic residents than many other areas.

National data has shown that Black and Hispanic people are disproportionately affected by the virus. In Texas, Hispanic people are the most likely to lack health coverage, making up 61% of the uninsured but only 40% of the population, according to figures used by the Texas Medical Association.

Cameron County reported 96 total deaths on July 20. On Sunday, it recorded 177. During that same time frame, Hidalgo County reported 456 total deaths on Sunday, up from 284.

There is more at the link above.   Despite the screeching howler monkeys of the tRump crew we do not have this virus handled or contained, we failed at what other countries proved they could do.   The US is too selfish and driven by me first starting at the very top tRump himself.   It is a very sad thing the US has become a third world banana republic with a want-to-be tin plated dictator with a first world military.    Wow.   Hugs

5 thoughts on “With 1,000 new coronavirus fatalities in Texas in just 6 days, the state’s death count is rising faster

  1. Nan says:

    IMO, the only “solution” to the ever-increasing incidents of this virus –and accompanying deaths– is for it to reach and surround the “people in charge.” Until they experience first-hand knowledge (of both its potential severity and/or death), it’s merely a pimple on the skin of other people.

    Why else do you think they rebel against the advised precautions? THEY aren’t affected so who cares?

    I sincerely don’t wish “bad” on anyone, but until it “hits home” on those people who have poo-pooed its dangers, the virus is going to continue its “winning ways.”

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. I agree. These anti-maskers just don’t understand that what they think tRump is doing is not what is happening. Everyone around him is tested with the best testing, they keep any chance of the president getting the virus to a bare minimum. The rest of us do not have that service, that large staff to help us keep virus free. Keith left me a comment that one of their friends thinks this is a hoax. How can anyone think this is a hoax? Then again a bunch of people think the world is flat and that evolution is fake to spite their god. Hugs

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  2. You are right…we have been too selfish. We care more about “personal freedom” than about caring for others. It’s sad.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Brendan. When we get all through this we need a complete redo on teaching people how to be human and decent people. Hugs

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      1. Absolutely. I agree there.

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