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2 thoughts on “Again the idea that public money is not to help the public but only to go to the wealthy

  1. Nan says:

    So what else is new? The RICH don’t give a shit for anything except their bank account (or similar institute).

    If the working people who are suffering from the effects of this virus still see Trump as their Savior, they deserve what LITTLE they get.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. But the rest of us don’t deserve it. In fact the entire mind set has to change. We are the only advanced country that doesn’t take care of the people in the country. Our weird world view is destroying our country, letting our people go further into home insecurity, food insecurity, health insecurity, and basically making this country a robber baron hell hold for the peons, which are all of us. As Heather Cox wrote the wealthy and their Republican allies are destroying the very new deal that created the real wealth and economy of the US. If only the people in the US were not trained to not look at the success of any other country, if only the people in the US were not indoctrinated to think we are always the very best at everything, the people living here would have such better lives. Part of that is the very vocal fanatical evangelical religious right who do not want people to see how other countries have succeeded in making things better for their people without religion. Do you think the people of the US will wake up? Hugs

      Ps. People ask why the wealthy would do this? Because they don’t need to live here. They can extract every cent they can killing off the peons and poisoning the water and land, because they can simply fly off to another country any time they wish. The wealthy don’t have to live with the harm and destruction they create. In their mind that is for the lower income lower class beings. Not them and their class of upper beings. Hugs

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