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7 thoughts on “All about him, no care for the people

  1. I hope like hell he gets voted out. I don’t know how much more our country can withstand this imbecile!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello cornfedcontessa. I agree. I think some of the damage may never be fixed and some like the judges he has installed will take generations to fix because the judges are so young. But the damage to what is socially acceptable has shifted so low that I doubt that can be fixed as long as the cult of tRump Republican elected officials howler monkeys still hold office. Hugs

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  2. ospreyshire says:

    Wow! I can’t argue with that. This is also from the Lincoln Project who are also Republicans who just happen to bash Trump as of recently.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Ospreyshire. I like the group’s attacks on tRump but I think all those former Republicans who are against tRump & crew need to change their name. Become a new party. The cult base has become so narrow, so small, so racist and bigoted all due to the shirking of the party tent. They are now a quite small minority that is trying to rule as a large majority. There is no way to attract more people and try to return to what was the party unless the jettison the base, and that is the largest part of the party. Hugs

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      1. ospreyshire says:

        Sure thing and I agree with the Lincoln Project doing these videos. You make a good point about the former Republicans (or at least those who had self identify as such) who want nothing to do with Trump having their own party. There are people I know offline who lean towards the right are appalled by what’s been happening which is good. I’m not saying the Democrats are angels since they have their own problems, but the GOP has become even more toxic since the previous election.

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  3. I never understood why anyone liked him to begin with.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Polly. I agree. There is nothing redeeming about him at all. Hugs


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