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2 thoughts on “The US needs a better social safety net

  1. We COULD just pay people to stay home. Free rent, debt forgiveness & free internet. & bookmobiles on every street once a week so everyone could get books to read. & yeah, schooling through the internet. It’s possible. But they’ll never do it because they want the “old” normal. Which is GONE. With. The. Wind.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Polly. I agree. Other countries did it. Rather than giving blank checks for trillions of dollars to large businesses with no requirements to pay wages, Europe went the other way. The did give businesses money, but to pay people to stay home. Plus they gave it to all the smaller business first. Those businesses paid the wages of the workers, the workers paid their rents, bought food, shopped online and it kept their economy going. The only thing that was keeping the US economy going was the extra $600 that the Republicans are insisting be removed from the aid package. The problem is our elected officials from governors to the federal level are all wealthy people. Upper incomes. They are so removed from the people today they have not got a clue how it is to live today for the lower incomes. They don’t understand the struggle, and they buy the propaganda that poor people are simply lazy and should get better jobs. It is hard to care about giving the poor a living wage when you do not understand what it is like to not have the money to eat or pay bills. They can not understand the fear of people from covid because they have the best testing and the best medical care and it won’t hurt their incomes. They get paid even if they are not in the office, unlike the lower incomes. Hugs

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