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2 thoughts on “BLM, change the policing culture in the US

  1. Nan says:

    How can anyone “like” this? It’s horrible! But not surprising.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. I was stunned when the videos came out of white police killing unarmed black men who were running away or doing nothing … one video clearly showed an officer walking up to a black guy doing nothing and pulling his gun, the black guy turned and ran and the cop empties his weapon into the back of the black man. He then walks over and drops his taser next to the black guy. This is all clear on the video, a deliberate murder in plain view. The cop was charged, the DA worked with prosecutors to ruin their case and the jury found not guilty. This had been happening for years and now the videos are starting to make a difference three and four years after that video surfaced. The civilian who shot the video had to move they was so scared for their life. It is horrible Nan, very horrible that part of our society has had to live with this fear and unfairness. That is why I post it, and why we all need to understand it. Why BLM is so important and why the hateful bigots are trying so hard to stop the movement and keep the status quo. Hugs

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