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How can we expect the courts, as rigged as they now are, to hold tRump and crew to the laws when they simply lie to the court.   Hugs

Federal judge demands Homeland Security document all the false information it told the court

On Wednesday, CNN reported that a federal judge is ordering the Department of Homeland Security to document all of the times it gave “inaccurate” or “misleading” information about the reason it was excluding residents of New York State from the Global Entry system.

“District Judge Jesse Furman wrote that the revelation — which came in a letter from the acting US attorney — of inaccurate statements made in the case was ‘deeply troubling,’” reported Geneva Sands. “Furman said the government didn’t even ‘purport to provide’ a full list of false statements, ordering additional documentation.”

This comes after the Trump administration admitted last week that it had lied to justify the move to exclude New York residents from the customs expediting program, which is broadly thought to be retaliation for a “sanctuary” policy limiting federal immigration officials’ access to motor vehicle records.

The administration had previously argued that these rules were a threat to national security — but subsequently admitted several other states have been applying similar policies without any need for the federal government to restrict their access to Global Entry.

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