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3 thoughts on “The baseball teams had plenty of funding to keep the players safe, and still couldn’t do it

  1. Keith says:

    Scottie, the concept of exponential expansion does not register to many. One person gets infected and that person is exposed to a dozen others, who are exposed to a dozen each and so on. Any contagion of people – baseball team, other sports teams, church, family reunion, meeting, school, etc. will expose people. All it takes is one COVID-19 Mary or Matthew to infect the lot. Just ask Louie Gohmert, the unmasked man. I do not wish COVID-19 on anyone, but when it occurs to folks who are less prudent, it is not a surprise.


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    1. Nan says:

      Speaking of “Mr.” Gohmert … while I do not wish bad fortune on anyone, if others who have been in close contact with him turn out to also be infected, it just might get through to some people that they are NOT invulnerable … and what has been said about the virus really IS true.

      But then again, we’re dealing with Republicans.

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    2. Scottie says:

      Hello Keith. Exactly. Now imagine that running through a school. Hugs


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