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July 31, 2020

How can this be legal?

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Coverley’s letter called the death of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody in May, “tragic and preventable,” but then said “data simply does not support claims that law enforcement is systemically racist or structurally biased.” That language, as well as the letter’s first four paragraphs, is taken word for word from a letter sent to leaders in Congress from multiple state attorney generals and sheriffs associations in June, asking for assistance in combating “anti-police rhetoric.”
But data has shown that Black Americans are at a greater risk of being killed by police, despite being less likely to pose an objective threat to law enforcement, according to research by Northeastern University Professor Matt Miller.
Other research, from George Mason University and the University of Georgia, found in 2018 that when it comes to misdemeanors, “there is profound racial disparity in the misdemeanor arrest rate for most — but not all — offense types.”


  1. […] of the less savory methods a few police organizations can use to force unwilling support, and do it without lifting a finger. Literally. […]

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