All Protestors are Antifa

Hello Sean. Great post. You do wonderful work. I wonder if you have seen this article . I won’t bother your comment sections with quotes because this is one of the least damaging accounting to the right wing violence machine. The facts are the right has used violence and the threats of violence as a political tool for a long time. If the right can not use a current racist issue they will invent one. Thank you. Hugs


On May 31st, shortly after massive protests sprung up nationwide to highlight police brutality and the inequities in many US systems in regards to race, Trump proclaims the US will be declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.

He never did. It is entirely unclear how he thought he was going to go about enacting this designation. The only current means by which it could be done, is inserting this “organization’s” name into the Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) list. Since Antifa, so far as the implication of being a US group, is not foreign, it doesn’t meet that criteria. Since there is no means by which to declare they are terrorists in any organized, or indeed, ongoing legal framework, it doesn’t meet that criteria. Since they are not in any way recognizable as an organization, it does not meet that criteria. There isn’t any part of the F the T or the…

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