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So frustrating that this is happening that a US president is clearly selling out the US in favor of a long time US enemy. Horrible. Hugs

Trump’s Germany troops pullout may be his last gift to Putin before the election
Since he came to office, US President Donald Trump has obsessively picked at the ties that bind America to its allies.

Read in CNN Politics:

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2 thoughts on “CNN Politics: Trump’s Germany troops pullout may be his last gift to Putin before the election

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Please, you guys, for Dawg’s sake, don’t swallow the Koolaid, don’t just blindly follow the (carefully-scripted) narrative. If just ONE person could explain to me, logically and with any assertions backed by facts, just how in the fuck is this a gift to Pooty-poot? Sure, Pooty asked him nicely in those phone calls, but it was done so that tRump can make the claim he’s “bringing our troops home, as promised.” HOW does this endanger Germany? How does it give ANY advantage to Putin? Think he’s gonna invade?!?!?!

    Plus, they’ll just be redeployed to the Mean Streets of America, to put down the putrid protesters, and wreck some rioters.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Dennis. First those troops are not coming home. They are being reassigned in the European theater. You are completely wrong on this. This is not drinking the kool aid. This is the basic mission of those troops along with the second mission of those troops which is now going to be weakened by this troop movement. I know I was one of those troops. I have the awards and metals for it.

      The reason we station so many troops in Europe is to prevent aggressive actions by Russia and others. Right now right wing nationalism is on the rise in Russia, Poland, Hungary, India and Egypt has fallen 3 years ago. The troops we have there are both eyes and ears for intelligence and double as back up for Nato. When the Berlin wall was up we like myself behind it were sacrificial lambs, like the troops in Germany and Europe are also because their job is to slow down any aggressive attacker so that the US can get the main fighting force into play. It takes three days to do that. The troops in Germany were also there to support the local economies with US dollars giving the US a huge say in the local politics, in the Governmental actions of Germany. tRump wants to hurt Merkel as he thinks Germany has not been nice enough to him, so he is removing the troops that would otherwise spend their pay in German restaurants and German stores. The reason this helps Putin is it makes the Germans weaker both economically and in US intel gathering, along with US military instant response.

      We have seen Russia move in the last decade on countries not allied with Nato, Georgia and Ukraine. They invaded and took over Georgia and they took a huge chunk out of Ukraine, Crimea the sea port. With tRump it looks like they will get to keep it as Ukraine has had to sue for peace on Russia’s terms.

      Dennis I hope this reassures you this is not about putting soldiers on US streets. So far the US military has rejected that as you see because tRump pulled federal departments such as ICE and prison system guards for his Portland attack. These 12,500 military people are not coming to the US. He is screwing with their lives for very petty anger issues and hate of a strong woman will pleasing his master Putin. Hugs

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