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4 thoughts on “Overburden teachers

  1. Nan says:

    EXCELLENT!! She truly nails it!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. When I posted this I was thinking of mission creep. That is when the military starts a task and then it expands, and grows, and totally changes from what we went in to do. Such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Well that has happened with both the police and as this letter shows with teachers. I know that the principal of my 1-6 grade principal befriended my adoptive mother in an attempt to protect me, because later as an adult he explained it to me. He tolerated them in an attempt to help guide and protect me. And to some extent it worked. A teacher should not have to do that. Just as the police officer that took me to my mental health doctor during that time ( constant violence and sexual abuse will cause a kid to need help and this principal got that care for me ) and then this same police officer took me to his mistress house to have sex while I sat in the living room very quietly with the radio on. He shouldn’t have been tasked with taking me, I shouldn’t have been made part of his sexual trysts. But that is mission creep. I am just really thankful he never made me more of a active part of his sexual outings. Hugs

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello The Interfaith Intrepid. Thank you for the reblog. Leave a comment and lets chat. Hugs


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