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Louie makes the case for right to privacy.

Since he is a Republican hack, of course he means only HIS privacy.

Adding the baseless ‘how long until I’m a victim of censorship’ is peak paranoid conspiracy douchebaggery.

2 thoughts on “Since he is a Republican hack, of course he means only HIS privacy.

  1. Nan says:

    I LIKE Eric Swalwell. I know his chances were super-super slim when he ran for President, but I still would have liked to see him stay in the running. Ah well. Time marches on … along with the virus.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. I am impressed with him as well. I think the timing was against him. A few years ago he as he is today would have made a great vice president. I think he was too young to get people interested in him as president, as it seems the people are seeking comfort in what was, what they think they knew. They were looking for an older white man. And the majority went with the one that seemed safer to them, the one with the unspoken support of the first black president in a time of BLM. But as Biden himself said this is a transition and he is only a transitional president. At one point he was talking serving only one term, turning the next election over to his Vice President. I hope he holds to that. Which makes his pick of VP so critical. Hugs

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