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5 thoughts on “The Democratic party has moved to the right since the 1970’s

  1. OMG ain’t it the truth?

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Polly. Have you seen this also. I always get a lot of push back when I try to tell people the Democratic party has moved to the right. As the right moved to the right, the political people kept saying the left needed to move right to capture those the right left behind. But it became an rightward two step. The right moved right, and the left moved right, and repeat, until the center of the Democrats is where the right was during the time of Reagan. Most people forget the great left icons like Ted Kennedy the lion of the Senate. They forget that the very things the progressives of the party today are fighting for now are the things that were normal platform positions of the Democrats in the 1970’s. Moving to the right did not help the Democrats, it hurt them, yet they kept doing it. Turns out that is because that is where the donor money was. The same big money people backing the Republicans also gave a lot of money to the Democrats causing them to back nearly the same causes as the Republicans. It always comes down to the money. Look at Diane Feinstein. She is more Republican leaning than Democrat at 85 years old, she has really gotten wealthy with her time in office and the contracts her husband has gotten from the government. She is against every progressive leaning idea there is. She is from California, so why does she get elected every time for the Democrats? Money. She has big money donors that keep her voting in Republican ways. We need to return the Democratic party to its roots, the party of the working people. But to do that we need to get money out of politics, dark money must be outlawed. Money has changed so much, Biden is a right leaning Democrat, and we have to vote for him, but his position on every issue is nearly to the right. He even said on the primary campaign trail he would think about taking a Republican running mate? WTF.


  2. jilldennison says:

    So very true. Hugs.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Jill. Yes it it not a shame people have forgotten the lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy and also Paul Wellstone. That is why the Democrats lost so many elections, they forgot the working person, the poor person and went chasing after the big money wealthy donors. That is the problem with our current Democratic leadership, they are the ones that went chasing after those big money donors. Of course Nancy Pelosi can not agree to or follow a progressive agenda as she was the guiding force to move to the right all these last decades. She can not change her spots now? That is why we have to remake the Democratic party in the next few years. We have seen the destruction of the Republican party, do we also want to follow it with the destruction of the Democratic party? In order to survive the Democratic party has to stop being in lock step with big business and aline with the wishes of the people, which right now they don’t. Time will tell. Hugs

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      1. jilldennison says:

        You make some valid points. Thing is, it’s a fine line the democratic candidates have to walk, with their opponents collecting mega donations ever since Citizens United. I wish we could take money out of politics altogether. No private or corporate donations over, say $10. Television stations and social media sites forced to give equal time to all candidates. That would go a long way toward returning the politicians to working for We the People instead of specific industries and lobbyists. The Democratic Party, I think, never quite recovered from the 2016 loss and has seemed rather at loose ends ever since, especially now when it is so very critical. Sigh. The only comfort is that the GOP is in far worse shape and likely to implode any day now! Hugs!

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