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5 thoughts on “This is the promise everything, deliver nothing Presidency

  1. Keith says:

    Scottie, many of the Trump base have no idea they are voting against their economic interests. This advertised populist, common man president fails to let folks know the following:
    – in his first two hours of being president, he repealed a regulation that would have reduced homeowners insurance premiums for securing mortgages with the less than 20% down, that was scheduled to go in effect February 1, 2017. This would have helped about one million low income homeowners.
    – he has hobbled the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that was very successful, but banks and credit card companies did not like it. The CFPB only penalized these companies for fraudulent and aggressive lending practices, with 95% of the fines going to cheated consumers.
    – he eliminated a new requirement that said all investment advisors have to be fiduciaries, meaning they must put your interests ahead of their own.
    – he passed a tax bill that favored the elites and businesses, under the guise of helping everyone. To keep the bill down to costing only $1.5 trillion in debt, he had to have some pay higher taxes – a sneaky requirement noted that state and local tax deductions were capped at $10,000, so if you owned a house and lived in a state where income tax occurred, your tax bill may increase (by the way, mine did).
    – he failed to tell people (actually lying about the impact routinely) the tariffs would be paid for by consumers when importers passed along the cost
    – he also lied about an ACA change he made that increased premiums for people saying it would only impact insurer profits. The CBO said it increased the deficit by $10 billion per annum and unsubsidized folk saw increases.
    – he has advocated a COVID-19 relief bill which will prevent employees from suing employers for endangering them with COVID-19 exposure.
    – finally, environmental deregulation hurts those in poverty more, as they have fewer choices as to where to live.

    This is the common man president? Keith

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Keith. Very good. Yes this is all true and a bunch more on the regulations that are poisoning the drinking water of most of the lower incomes of the nation among other rules he has relaxed or done away with. His entire presidency has been for the wealthy to make more wealth at the expense of the poor. Now his new rescinding the Obama fair housing rules is just openly pitting what he thinks is well off whites against poor blacks. He doesn’t realize that there are no more well off middle class whites and super poor blacks, as there is no more middle class at all. Blacks and whites are in that same income level and it is a daily struggle to survive. Thanks to tRump and his wealthy friends.

      With all that and all you wrote, how do you get through to those voting against their interests? It has been something I and other Democrats have asked for a generation, why do the poor in Republican areas vote for wealthy Republicans who vote for cutting the very programs those poor people use and need. They are cutting their own life lines? If you can explain it I would love to learn. Hugs


      1. Keith says:

        Scottie, I decided to make a blog post out of this comment, expanding it a little. Jill reblogged it as well, so hopefully a few more eyes can see it. Keith

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      2. Nan says:

        IMO, the “why” is because they think it’s all going to come back and benefit THEM. I say this primarily because this is the scuttlebutt I get from those in my family who lean Republican. They’re totally blind to what’s actually going on behind the scenes. They simply don’t see themselves as being part of the group that’s being ripped off.

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Nan. Thanks. Weird how people can choose to stay willfully ignorant. Every time I hear a Republican talk about cutting SS, Medicare / medicaid, food programs, I wonder how any lower income or senior aged person can vote for them. Yet they do. Hugs

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