Deutsche Bank Opens Review Into Personal Banker to Trump and Kushner

In June 2013, the banker, Rosemary Vrablic, and two of her Deutsche Bank colleagues purchased a Park Avenue apartment for about $1.5 million from a company called Bergel 715 Associates, according to New York property records.

Mr. Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, disclosed in an annual personal financial report late Friday that he and his wife, Ivanka Trump, had received $1 million to $5 million last year from Bergel 715. A person familiar with Mr. Kushner’s finances, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly, said he held an ownership stake in the entity at the time of the transaction with Ms. Vrablic.

When Ms. Vrablic and her colleagues bought the apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner were her clients at Deutsche Bank. They had received roughly $190 million in loans from the bank and would seek hundreds of millions of dollars more.

Ms. Vrablic has worked in the Deutsche Bank private-banking division since 2006. She has a reputation as one of New York’s leading private bankers, generating tens of millions of dollars of annual revenue for the bank.

The Kushner family has been a client of Ms. Vrablic’s since before she joined Deutsche Bank. In 2011, Mr. Kushner brought Ms. Vrablic to meet his father-in-law. At the time, most mainstream banks refused to do business with Mr. Trump because of his history of defaults and bankruptcies.

“I introduced him to this woman Rosemary,” Mr. Kushner said in closed-door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in 2017. “She is one of the biggest private wealth bankers, probably in the world. Amazing banker, amazing woman. Very smart banker. And she banked my family for a long time.”

Ms. Vrablic and her superiors soon agreed to take Mr. Trump on as a client, even though he had defaulted on a loan from the bank three years earlier. In 2012, Deutsche Bank lent Mr. Trump a total of about $175 million for his newly acquired Doral golf resort outside Miami and for his Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago.

Mr. Trump soon came back for more. In 2014 he sought a $1 billion commitment from Ms. Vrablic to buy the Buffalo Bills football team. (Mr. Trump’s bid was rejected, making the loan unnecessary.) The bank agreed to lend Mr. Trump’s company $170 million for its transformation of the Old Post Office building into the Trump International Hotel in Washington. And Mr. Kushner and his mother received a $15 million personal line of credit from Ms. Vrablic’s division, the largest credit line to which Mr. Kushner or his parents had access, according to financial records reviewed by The Times.

Ms. Vrablic was thrust into the spotlight when Mr. Trump boasted to The Times in 2016 about his strong relationship with Deutsche Bank — and inflated Ms. Vrablic’s role at the bank. “Why don’t you call the head of Deutsche Bank? Her name is Rosemary Vrablic,” he said in the interview. “She is the boss.”

More at the link above.  However is there now any doubt that the tRump family are a criminal enterprise?   When they defaulted on a large loan to this very bank, they got loans just three years later and kept getting them even though they had no income to support them, while at the same time this bank was agreeing to pay fines for doing money laundering for the  … Russian’s?  Hello US wake up please, the alarm has been ringing for nearly 4 years.    Hugs

4 thoughts on “Deutsche Bank Opens Review Into Personal Banker to Trump and Kushner

  1. Keith August 4, 2020 / 07:36

    Scottie, they need to audit their checks and balances. One part of the bank says no more loans to Trump, while another part of the bank lends him money to pay off the loan to the same bank. Keith

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    • Scottie August 5, 2020 / 06:48

      Hello Keith. Everything about that bank and its loan practices is suspicious and needs to be investigated. Also the sudden deaths of people involved in the tRump loans at the bank needs to be checked out. Hugs

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  2. Nan August 4, 2020 / 13:02

    So goes the stories of the Rich and Famous. Are we surprised yet?

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    • Scottie August 5, 2020 / 07:38

      Hello Nan. Corruption at the highest levels. The slime in this swamp is rising so fast they don’t have time to hide the crimes. Hugs

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