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Florida is faking the numbers.   In two weeks under this new reporting system, Florida went from over 15,000 cases a day to just over 7,000 a day.   I see people gathering and not wearing masks every day, Ron gets reports from his friends still in healthcare and the hospitals are overwhelmed, the ICUs are full.   Deaths are up.  Yet that is not the numbers being reported?   The Republicans love to gaslight the people, and now they are doing it on our deaths.   Hugs

REPORT: Texas Isn’t Counting All COVID+ Test Results

The Houston Chronicle reports:

The government’s official data on the coronavirus outbreak is startling: More than 4.6 million cases in the U.S. More than 440,000 in Texas. More than 70,000 in Harris County. But those numbers don’t include all positive COVID-19 patients.

Texas, unlike 27 other states, excludes the results of increasingly popular, rapid COVID-19 tests from the numbers it reports publicly — obscuring the scope of the pandemic, records and interviews show. The antigen tests are used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and stand-alone clinics and deliver results in less than 30 minutes.

But conflicting guidance from the Texas Department of State Health Services created confusion among local health departments about what test results to report. A reliance on faxed test results has created a paper backlog that makes it impossible for the state to do its own tally.


2 thoughts on “REPORT: Texas Isn’t Counting All COVID+ Test Results

  1. I have no doubt whatsoever.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Polly. Now we know Florida where I live is also messing with the numbers. It is like these elected officials think we are not able to see what is happening in our own communities. How is it where you live? I hope things are safer for you than here in Florida. Hugs


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