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“They will fire you,” Newsom told CBS News’ Nancy Cordes. “He got four young kids he have to take care of. So he go to work sick.”

Six current Briggs & Stratton workers told CBS News the company required them to work face to face on the assembly line and that managers rarely wore masks. In mid-April, a month before his death, Jackson and his co-workers walked off the line to protest the lack of safety equipment but say that brought little change. Briggs & Stratton only began requiring its employees to wear masks this week due to a statewide mandate in Wisconsin.

Federal safety regulators are investigating the workers’ complaints.

“The company doesn’t care whether we live or die,” Jackson’s coworker Chance Zombor said.

2 thoughts on “Factory worker’s death highlights debate over GOP-backed coronavirus liability shield

  1. Nan says:

    Disgusting. Heartbreaking. But so long as it doesn’t touch the powers-that-be, nobody cares.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. As is clear the Republican priority is to protect the wealth companies / corporations and down playing any needed assistance to the people. The Republican government model is government works / serves the business / wealthy only and the peon working class / lower income provides the means to pay for the government and works to keep the business making a profit for the upper levels / stock market. It is a sick model but it seems our population has been indoctrinated to support it. Hugs


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