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4 thoughts on “tRump has always hated the Kennedys. This is another of his attempts to undo their legacies, just as changing the color of presidential planes

  1. Let us know when she opens up the bake sale on the white house lawn. We still know where the torches and pitchforks are kept.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Chatty Introvert. Think of the timing of this. It is like the rush to finish the census before the next president is sworn in. It seems they understand that even with all their attempts to keep people from voting and rigging the election tRump looks like he will lose. So they have to do as much damage now as they can. Hugs


      1. I heard about the census thing on NPR, and there’s no reason for it. Hell, we should give it an extra month to compensate for the stupidity and hell. Ridiculous.

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Chatty Introvert. There is a plan and it is again Republican dirty tricks. It goes back to the citizen question. The idea is to suppress the counting of immigrants which will lower the representation of blue states with large immigrant populations in congress. Remember this is legal and illegal immigrants they want to not count, including the legal ones on work visas. How many Representatives a state gets is determined by how many people in the state as determined by the census. By stopping it early tRump is the one transmitting it to congress. Only the president certify the numbers according to set criteria, so if they wait till next year Biden is the one transmitting the official numbers, this year tRump is. tRump has already said he will only apportion the Representatives based on if his administration thinks the person counted is a citizen. How they are going to tell I don’t know but they have apparently decided to run the names through all the other government databases to see if the person shows up in one that requires citizenship or one specifically for non-citizens. Remember he wants to exclude immigrants with work visas and other legal immigrants. California would lose seats while some red states away from the borders would gain seats. Also federal aid and programs are based on the number of people in a state not citizens but tRump would again cut those programs to blue states if he gets his way with the census. Republican dirty tricks, and nothing the Democrats can do about it. The president is the one who certifies the numbers. That is why they are cutting the census off early, fewer counted and to make sure Republicains under tRump can fedge with the numbers. The Opening Arguments podcast had a great show on the census and how tRump could manipulate it. I learned a lot about it. Hugs

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