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5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about DeSantis, Florida, leadership, and initiative….

  1. Keith says:

    Scottie, well said. These so-called leaders are too worried about keeping their jobs, than doing their jobs. The words of Harry Truman fall on deaf ears with far too many elected officials. Keith

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    1. Nan says:

      Oh I like that … keeping rather than doing! It’s so obvious yet it goes over most people’s heads.

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    2. Scottie says:

      Hello Keith. I was just replying to Nan about how the last forty years have deepened and entrenched a class system in the US. The haves and have nots, ruling class and worker class, wealthy and working lower incomes struggling to survive. It has to be changed. That is what the progressive movement is all about. It is part of the message of BLM that there is an embattled lower class with police enforcing the status quo that supports the wealthy. Hugs


      1. Keith says:

        Scottie, you are right about the last forty years. When Reagan passed a huge tax cut, you could look forward from that date and put your right arm straight out in front of you, maybe with a ten degree angle upward. The left arm would be slanted upward with a 75 degree angle. The right arm would show the growth in income for the lower economic classes, with the left arm showing the growth in income for the upper class. Right now, due to another thing that happened in the 1980s, more managers with stock options and shares as income, the variance between CEOs and average worker pay in the US dwarfs that of other countries. And, I can assure you CEOs in the US are not that much better, if at all, than other countries’ CEOs. So, America socio-economic breakdown looks nothing like what some people believe it to be. Keith

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Keith. Thank you for the information. I agree that the difference between the US CEOs and other countries CEOs is that other countries do not support nor have runaway capitalism that is destroying their societies and ruining their countries. The other countries actually put quality of life for all their people before profit. That is important. Most advanced countries now realize there is much more to life than the struggle to survive and a daily unpleasant grind. The people in other advanced countries are stunned and unbelieving when they hear stories of how the people in the US are forced to live, with most needing two or three jobs to simply survive. It not only doesn’t need to be this way, it shouldn’t be this way. Hugs


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