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I believe in unions but in these cases the police unions have become the enemy of the people, and so need to have their power reduced.   They have become criminal enterprises using their ability to threaten to enable thugs to harm people.   Hugs

New York City Police Unions Sue to Block City’s Chokehold Ban

Led by the city’s Police Benevolent Association, the lawsuit comes six years after Staten Island resident Eric Garner’s death in a police chokehold. Garner’s dying gasps of “I can’t breathe,” captured on a viral video, drove thousands onto the streets in 2014.

It took George Floyd uttering the same words under a Minneapolis officer’s knee this year to spur New York State and city legislators to pass a ban on the practice among a suite of reforms designed to promote transparency, accountability and restraints upon police.

Since Governor Andrew Cuomo signed those bills in June, police unions have fought systematically to dismantle the new laws. A different lawsuit filed in federal court last month aimed to block the release of thousands of NYPD disciplinary records, many of which were recently posted publicly by ProPublica.

“An ordinary police officer will be unable to discern whether many ordinary activities taken in the course of the apprehension and arrest of a suspect violate the statute,” attorney Anthony Cole, from the firm DLA Piper, writes in the complaint.

The statute criminalizes using any restraint that restricts the flow of air or blood “by  compressing the windpipe or the carotid arteries on each side of the neck, or sitting, kneeling, or standing on the chest or back in a manner that compresses the diaphragm, in the course of effecting or attempting to effect an arrest.”

The claim police won’t be able to determine the correct course of action here seems stupid to me  just don’t keep people from breathing or having blood flow to the brain.   Seems easy to figure out to me.  Don’t choke people.   When I was taking Kempo and in law enforcement we stayed away from the neck and throat because of how easy it was to crush the windpipe.  Remember the police are not in a war zone under active fire as they want you to believe.   Most of their job is boring and administrative.  This is the problem with militarizing the police, the job of serving and protecting get hyped to a constant taking on of terrorists and fighting an enemy that doesn’t exist.  Hugs

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