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The Trump aide, meanwhile, seemingly revealed the real reason he’s so intent on pushing the drug even while the FDA has revoked its emergency use for coronavirus treatment.

“Let me tell you why I got involved with this,” he barked. “I got involved with this because as a Defense Production Act coordinator I’m literally sitting on 63 million tablets, 63 million tablets, of hydroxychloroquine that would help possibly four million Americans stay alive. And so I’ve got that stake in the game.”

2 thoughts on “tRump desperate to move the hustle and dump the merchandise to the rubes.

  1. shelldigger says:

    As long as freaking orange idiot ass kissing morons are around, we are simply and truly fucked.

    Misinformation, also known as lies, are so prevalent not because they have any merit, but because they are never ending streams of idiocy. Which soon gets transposed to the gullible rube, who believes everything they see/hear on FB, Faux News, or numerous other wild ass crazy websites that pander to morons.

    We all suffer from idiocy. You think covid is an uncontrollable wildfire? Look around you folks. Stoopid is the enemy of reason and stoopid is winning the day.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello ShellDigger. Well said. Here is the thing that the tRump admin seems to forget, there are many well documented uses for hydroxychloroquine that poor people are struggling to get their prescribed medication for. The government could be helping those people instead of pushing false cures and totally disproven treatments.

      Just the other day at a hearing a Republican member of congress tried to pretend that studies showed that hydroxychloroquine worked for Covid treatment and many doctors swear by it. ( it’s always many unnamed doctors ) and if you heard just his portion of the clip as was done on State Propaganda TV ( fixed noise called fox news ) you would think it was true. But then the the part they do not show on SPTV is how Dr. Fauci destroys that fake study, showing its flaws and that it has been refuted thoroughly and flat out tells the truth of the real studies that prove not only does hydroxychloroquine not help it is actually harmful as a treatment for Covid 19.

       Most people did not get the second part of the clip.   This is what we are fighting as we try to stop the deaths from this virus.  tRump is only going to see the part on SPTV, not the full clip showing the truth.   Hugs


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