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Hello Sean. Thank you for another great post on this situation. I want to thank you for all your reporting through this situation, you have presented evidence of the real situation vrs the tRump administration hype and distortion.

For my Toy Box readers, please check out the entire reporting Sean has done on this situation, it has been eye opening compared to the national news media. In my opinion the people won in this conflict. Be well. Hugs


What happened was, the federal forces stopped interacting with protestors. That’s what happened at the Federal Courthouse. Whatever stormtroopers still remain, are the FPS employees that already had jobs at the courthouse before the rollout, and the unknown, unseen amount of PACT forces that stay holed-up at the Edith Green – Wendell Wyatt Federal Building the next block up.

What happened was, the State troopers, whom were supposed to take-up the arduous task of battling with the violent anarchists, haven’t been spotted in front of the courthouse in the 5 days since the Feds left…because there is nothing for them to police. Unless, you count the badass game of pickup basketball in front of the Courthouse last night.

The protests have reverted to what they were, which was small peaceful protest. Most of the action now, is with the local police over at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, the original…

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2 thoughts on “Trump Wins in Portland

  1. randy says:

    Hi Scottie;
    I see this as a bit tragic. This is nothing new, is it. We have this pulpit thump that we are the land of liberty, unless that liberty requires a voice of protest. Then we are not protesting correctly, and rather than look at the problem we look at the protest and demand those seeking redress to be “patriotic” and “civil” and stop protesting the taking of their lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The powerful who formerly just ignored the cries of the wronged now send in the goon squads to squash the protesters so that “civility” and “decency” can once again reign and the powers that be can go on ignoring the wronged. It’s like deja`vu all over again.
    While on the one hand I am glad to see any violence resolve, I think the goon squad did their job. The protesters focused on the goons and those who were watching on tv focused on the violence and the problem is once again swept under the rug with minimal redress by the powerful so they can go back to raking in the money and power “now that all that mess is done”.
    See you on the next round Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Jesse Owens, Martin Luther King, Jr., Colin Kaepernick… I really see no change ever coming until those who look upon another’s skin color, accent, faith, income, or who they love as reason to class them as “lesser than” – or those who pull their strings to hate those same people so they won’t realize they are being fed soylent green, are somehow forced to be human.


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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Randy. What you describe is a police state with a favored class citizen and a disfavored under class which is oppressed and unfairly used. The US has become a police state with the militarised police being used by the wealthy upper class to keep the lower class workers inline producing the income for the upper class. You should look up the original Star Trek episode The Cloud Minders. and which gives the synopsis. Basically the society is unfair separated into a upper class living in luxury and a lower worker class that toiled in horrible conditions to provide the luxury for the upper class while the workers have no luxuries at all. That is what is now happening in the US. Hugs


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