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More than 250 students and teachers from one Georgia school district are now quarantined, just one week into the new school year. Multiple teachers and students across the district’s schools have tested positive for COVID-19 after classes resumed Monday.

Cherokee County School District is sharing ongoing updates on coronavirus cases in its schools on its website. As of Friday, over a dozen students and teachers have tested positive, sending home hundreds of people after just five days of school.

Since the beginning of the week, at least 11 students and two staff members across elementary, middle and high schools have tested positive for coronavirus. The students’ ages span from first grade to twelfth grade.

After conducting contact tracing, the district said at least 250 students and staff who had possible exposure to positive cases must quarantine for two weeks. During that time, students will receive online instruction.

Cherokee County schools resumed in-person learning on Monday, August 3. In a letter to families on Friday, Superintendent Dr. Brian V. Hightower said that the trend of students and staff testing positive every day “will continue as we operate schools during a pandemic.”

“We know we’re under a microscope, as national media follows the reopening of schools across the country,” he wrote. “But know that our decisions are not based on what people in New York or Kansas think, nor are we concerned about ‘optics’ or ‘image’ – we’re focused on what’s doing best for our community.”

There is a video at the link above.  However is this what we think is successful opening up of schools?   At this rate in two months ever teacher and student will be in home quarantine anyway.   Really there is no need to go through the failed experience and all the costs.   We do not have the virus under control, kids are not immune, and kids also are super spreaders.  SPTV and politics in support of tRump may want some to deny the truth but the fact is reality is here to stay and raising it ugly head here about this.   Close the schools, invest in remote learning and realize the world has changed.   How many damn children need to die to sooth the Republicans butt hurt?   Hugs

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