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6 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Republicans want government to only serve the wealthy / upper class. Workers are unimportant to them.

  1. Nan says:

    I can definitely agree with that last one! YES! I need to de-stress!

    All of the unending and ongoing crap is getting harder and harder to think about. (Unfortunately, for me, “cats” won’t help. 😉) It seems like there’s not a single day that doesn’t have some sort of “bad” news — either some STUPID and/or dangerous thing Trump has done … or the ongoing count of the virus.

    Something that REALLY disturbs me is when I read about Trump’s tweets. Everything he says feeds his supporters and since they NEVER look elsewhere, his word is Truth. It’s scary.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. It is scary I agree. Too bad you do not have cats, right now mine alternate or join together to try to take as much desk space as they can. Very frustrating for reading news. When I go to bed, Milo takes the spot on my pillow and Odie takes his spot next to my feet. I don’t think there is much of the day when one or both are not with me. Not saying they are a help, but just that they are with me.

      Nan I hear you about tRump’s base and hearing only what they want to hear. I am listening to and reading about the looting in Chicago. The tRump base is crowing and demanding tRump now send in his goons and troops to quell the violence. The problem is it is not clear who is doing the violence. This was not connected to any protest. Plus we know of attempts by the white power / supremacist / nationalist / Nazi-want-to-be to destroy property and try to get the blame put on the BLM groups or the liberal left. Their goal is a race war, which I think is totally so totally far fetched I don’t know how they think to start one, because the majority of the population doesn’t support them nor want such a thing.

      Later today I have to take some time to investigate the local elections that are going on right now. Not early voting for the general election but some small local races. Then tomorrow Olivia and Ron ganged up on me to make peanut butter kiss cookies. That should be really great for our blood sugar. Hugs


      1. Nan says:

        That should be really great for our blood sugar. — Uh-Huh! And now we know why you have to take 25 mg of diabetic medicine!!??! 🙄

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Nan. Now now … there has to be some enjoyment and luxury to life or what is the point of living? Plus I use as much Splenda artificial sugar blend as possible in recipes to cut down the pure sugar. My last A1C was 6.5, up from 6.1. That is very good. But guess what I just did. Ron’s kitchen appliances and motif is aqua green. ( not the stove / refrigerator / dishwasher / microwave as they were a package deal, stainless steel and the stove has black with stainless steel trim. )
          It started with his big KitchenAid mixer that I use all the time he wanted the aqua colored one, then I found the counter ice maker for him with the same color and white trim, and then I found a toaster with the same color and white trim, and all of these are labeled nostalgic by the way. Then I bought him some cutting boards and measuring tools of the same color which I really like, then I found a complete set of silverware with the same color handles I got for him, and today I found an ice cream maker with the same colors. Cute thing. So I ordered it. Ron will be so happy. I have always wanted to learn to make ice cream. I do what I can to keep him happy. Hugs

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          1. Nan says:

            I do what I can to keep him happy. — I’d say you do a LOT to keep him happy. He’s a lucky guy. Hope he realizes it!

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            1. Scottie says:

              Hello Nan. It is a two way street. He also does a lot to make me happy. He is definitely a keeper. Right now he is redoing the guest bathroom so it can be painted blue and white with a nautical theme. Hugs


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