4 thoughts on “King tRump the US ruler in chief

  • Absolutely! It’s ALL of matter of Trump getting what HE wants. Screw the Constitution. Screw laws that have been in place for thousands of years. Screw even the members of his circle that say he’s wrong. TRUMP IS KING, goddammit! Don’t you get that??!?!?

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    • Hello Nan. Did you ever think that the US would have such a fragile narcissist president that his staff has to make up fake charts, polls, and news articles just so he wont be upset or throw a tantrum? How much staff time is wasted just soothing the feelings of the baby in chief? Hugs

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      • It will TRULY be nice to get an adult back into the White House!

        I know I’ve harped on this before, but it soooo frustrates me that his supporters hang onto every word out of his little mouth (or in his Twitter feed) and NEVER … I repeat, NEVER … read or listen to or watch the many news stories that contradict him. They might as well take the word “Jesus” out of the bible and replace it with “Trump” because they truly worship him.

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        • Hello Nan. I read this morning about a bunch of Qanon supporters who are running for congress. WTF. Are we a backward country that believes in witchcraft and magic? How did the US get to this place? It stuns me that with my limited education I can reason better than these people. This from the country that put people on the moon. Hugs

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