7 thoughts on “One person one vote is the way it should be. change to using the popular vote

  • Hi Scottie;
    How do we balance the needs for the inner states and those from the outer states, like Montana and California respectively? For instance, I live in Michigan, surrounded by fresh water, but I also deal with inclimate weather like blizzards, rainy falls and cold springs. It’s a trade. Now then we have people living in the desert that is Los Angeles, and they have a population that exceeds their water supply. If my needs aren’t protected, then the water from the Great Lakes could be shipped to California, Nevada, etc., and I lose one of the most important aspects of my area.
    Perhaps not the best example, but you get my point. I DO think something needs to change, I just don’t know how.


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    • Hello Randy. I think we do it through our federal legislature. It is not the people on the coast you have to worry about stealing your resources it is the wealthy corporations. Look at all the national parks tRump has opened up to oil , gas, and mineral companies. Look at the Alaskan wilderness lands opened up to oil drilling. However it should be the popular vote that selects elected officials. Other wise we have the currently rigged system in favor of the party that rigs it. Hugs

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  • From things I’ve read, it is NOT … repeat, NOT … an easy process to disband the EC. And, most likely, it would take bi-partisan support in any required action … and you know how that would turn out.

    Maybe when Trump becomes King, voting will no longer be necessary so the question of the EC will be moot. GAG

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    • Hello Nan. I will over look the tRump king obscenity as I know you are a decent person, but every blog has to have standards. 😁😀😄😍😘🤗

      It is not as hard as you might think. Yes to totally do away with it would take an amendment to the stubborn old constitution. However there are many states working on a project championed by TYT.

      Electoral College Pact
      The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among a group of U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

      As of July 2020, it has been adopted by fifteen states and the District of Columbia, although it is suspended in Colorado.[2] Together, they have 196 electoral votes counting Colorado, which is 36% of the Electoral College and 73% of the 270 votes needed to give the compact legal force. Certain legal questions, however, may affect implementation of the compact.

      National Popular Vote Interstate Compact – Wikipedia

      Best wishes. We have to return fairness to the US elections. The problems we have today is an attempt to allow for slavery and the discrimination against people of color. Today that continues in the Republican party which believes against the idea of democracy that some people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. The same political party willing to wage war all over the world to spread our version of democracy ( that is their claim ) is trying hard to block that same democracy here at home. In truth what they are trying to spread is profit making by US companies and more donations from wealthy people to the Republican party coffers. Hugs


      • Well, at least some states are trying … but I’m not going to hold my breath. MAYBE by 2024 … but much more likely (if at all) by 2028. If the latter, I just hope I’ll be around to take part!

        (Sorry I trespassed on your standards. 😛)

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        • Hello Nan. OT. I have officially given up making bread. I use to make great fluffy loaves of white bread, but now with all my trying I simply can not produce anything today better than store bought bread. When I told Ron we should buy our bread he told me I was a wonder cook with meats and sauces, great with desserts and sweets, but he agreed bread was not in my wheelhouse. I tried so hard and I can not figure out what has changed. But also I do not have the strength anymore to make bread, it causes me a lot of pain to do it. Maybe that is effecting what I do. Ron is asking me to make both a red tomato sauce for spaghetti and a chili. Guess before the end of the week I need to find time to do it. After all he has just redone the small bathroom / shower working to put up brown board over the sheet rock so we can paint it. We were paneling everything but good paneling is hard to find and what we could was starting to make the house look institutionalized. So change of plans again, about number 68 for this house. He will put up the brown board, paint it ( in West Palm Beach our home each room had a different color theme ) the bathroom he is working on will be light blue bottom and a white on top … so far, that may change. Hugs


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