2 thoughts on “Save the Postal Service

  • I think it’s funny that everyone is saying how it’s only 55 cent to mail a letter cuz I’m like, what? I thought it was 44 cents LOL & then I’m remembering back when I was a little girl & it was 5 cents a stamp for absolutely forever … there was two postal deliveries to my Grandmother’s rural post office before 1980 (she had a box there & we got the mail in the morning & in the afternoon … it was a pleasant walk) & further out in the country where we lived, the mail always came by 10 in the morning without fail. & for year, here in the city, there were mailboxes on almost every other corner & I don’t mean on the main streets, they were on every side street too. Now you have to really search to find one. There used to be a website showing where they were & that’s gone, too. My mail used to come about 2 in the afternoon … now I never know when or even if the postal carrier will be by.

    That’s true about Fed Ex & it’s true about UPS, too. I sent Christmas gifts via UPS this past year & never again … unless there is no USPS & I’m so afraid this might be true. I can easily see a lot of businesses going out of business because I can’t see how they’ll be able to afford the price of packaging with Fed Ex & UPS. I was personally appalled at the price I was charged to send the few little gifts I was sending to my family. Three times the cost of the gifts themselves.

    Here’s a petition for saving the post office ~~~> https://www.change.org/p/save-the-usps/

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    • Hello Polly. Thank you for your information. It is such a shame that the Republicans want to destroy such a great US institution. All in the name of a private business getting to make profit off the people. It is sickening. The Republicans simply can not stand the government doing anything that serves the people instead of making money for the wealthy. I use to think it it was just a few Republicans and yet now I understand that it is a wide spread Republican idea of who the government should work for in the US. Hugs


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