2 thoughts on “Tax the wealthy

    • Hello Nan. I do not mind Amazon making a profit. What bothers me and others like me is that just because of how much money a billion is, these people having that and more can make millions a day and billions a month doing nothing. The fact is money makes money. That is why the US federal reserve is pushing large amounts of money right at the stock market. So much for the tax payer money helping the people. The wealthy leaders of this country balk at $600 week extra unemployment because it is not a slave wage. Did you do the math. $600 a month is … $2400 a month … which is $15 dollars an hour. Barely the amount 1 person needs from one 40 hour a week job to live on. Most 1 bedroom apartments in the US go from 1,200 to 1.500 a month according to the figures I could find on line.
      I know James and his girlfriend pay over % 1200 for their apartment and it takes so much of their incomes that they can not save money to buy anything. So last month it came out that during the short shut down Bezos made 34.6 billion. Made 34.6 billion more dollars during the 2 months the entire US was shut down, that doesn’t count amazon profits. In case you think that was just because of the people stuck ordering from Amazon lets look at Elon Musk another billionaire. He made $36 billion in the two months, yet was on twitter demanding workers get back to work with no PPE protection and was threatening to move his facilities that were getting millions in federal PPP grants from places ordering stay at home. Think of it, a billionaire making 36 more billion was demanding states put workers at great risk of death so he could get even richer. I suggest reading this.

      https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/21/american-billionaires-got-434-billion-richer-during-the-pandemic.html .

      This is obscene. It shouldn’t be. These people live in a totally different world. Yet Republicans block any attempt to tax these money machines so the rest of us could have decent lives and medical security. We are simply wage slaves to them, numbers to be used and then discarded with no thought at all. They do not care about the workers and the rest of us. Do you realize what taxing a fraction of this kind of wealth could provide the rest of the country? And these billionaires wouldn’t even feel it, no change in their life style at all. I am tired today. Tried of juggle paying bills and thinking about meals and groceries.
      These are things the millionaires in congress don’t worry about and have little idea of and certainly things no billionaire thinks of at all.
      Remember Bloomberg dropped $500 million in 6 weeks just to tank Warren and Sanders campaigns because he did not want to be taxed at a higher rate. He is worth 56 billion. They say he made that money back in just 1 month. I hate what this country has become. It is the same as the Mexican drug cartels of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Only the US is not sending troops to break them up and hurt the locals. Sad tired Hugs

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